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Latina Entrepreneur’s ‘I Love Chamoy’ Graces Shark Tank – And Mexican Culture Was Front and Center

Latina Entrepreneur's 'I Love Chamoy' Graces Shark Tank – And Mexican Culture Was Front and Center
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Chamoy is one of those beloved Mexican products that people can’t get enough of. This sweet and spicy Mexican sauce is perfect for so many things. From adding it to your fruits all the way to your drinks, it is both delicious and versatile. However, it’s not a secret that regular chamoy contains an exorbitant amount of sugar, which is why anyone indulging in chamoy needs to do so with caution.  

Thankfully, there is a special chamoy making the rounds that puts people at ease because it has reduced caloric and sugar content. This brand is called “I Love Chamoy” and it has emerged as a fiery favorite, captivating taste buds and winning hearts.  

Gaining initial popularity in TikTok, this Latina-owned brand is on track for greatness. Launched in 2021, it sold out shortly after being introduced to TikTok.  

“I Love Chamoy” continues to push boundaries. In fact, a recent appearance on Shark Tank’s 15th season, further solidified the impact of this newly formulated Mexican sauce. 

The Birth of ‘I Love Chamoy’

“I Love Chamoy” was born from the Latina creative genius of Annie Leal, whose passion for authentic Mexican flavors led her to craft a unique culinary creation. What sets this chamoy apart from others is that it is sugar-free – and it still is finger-licking good. Inspired by her diabetic father, Leal made it part of her life’s mission to create a sugar-free alternative to this Mexican sweet and spicy sauce. Though the journey was strenuous, after six months, Leal’s “I Love Chamoy” came to life.  

Today, the recipe of “I Love Chamoy” is composed of monk fruit, which replaces the sugar component of regular chamoy, and it counts with less than 50 percent sodium.  

The Shark Tank Experience

Stepping onto the prestigious Shark Tank stage, Leal showcased her innovative chamoy-infused candies to a panel of seasoned investors. The flavors and unique concept immediately caught the attention of the sharks. The result? Mr. Wonderful offered her $300,000 for 12.5 percent of her company. However, Leal understands the value of her company – and how profitable it is – so, she declined the offer. She walked out of the set with a bright smile because she knows that “I Love Chamoy” is on the right track.  


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Truly, with its innovative core, “I Love Chamoy” is poised to become a culinary icon, leaving a legacy in the world of sweets. 

Have you tried “I Love Chamoy” already?

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