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If You Are Looking For Something Different We Have Help For Navigating the New Era of Subscription Boxes

From basics to beauty care products to survivalist gadgets, there’s a subscription box for nearly every type of consumer product out there. Sure, you could fill up your online shopping cart with everything you need whenever you need them, but having a subscription is a different and sometimes better way to shop.

To get the most out of this era of subscription boxes, here are some of the perks to consider


There are lots of boxes out there that will expose you to a variety of whatever you’re looking for, whether that’s perfume, skincare, snacks, or easy weeknight dinners. These types of subscription boxes are great for consumers who are open to trying out new things, are shopping around for a new go-to product, or are looking to expand their knowledge base.    

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Photo Credit Wild Alaskan Company

In an effort to get my household to eat less meat and more fish, I signed up for a subscription to Wild Alaskan Seafood, a “digital fishmonger” who sources high quality, sustainably caught fish Alaskan fisheries. I don’t have a great place to buy seafood in my neighborhood, so before this subscription I didn’t have much experience cooking fish. I started out with monthly shipments of just salmon fillets because that’s what I was comfortable with, but the company soon offered me the opportunity mix it up and get “combo boxes” that featured other in-season catch that I hadn’t cooked before and probably would never have sought out on my own.

Photo Credit Wild Alaskan Company

I’ve actually gotten pretty good at cooking fish at this point, and because I get it through a subscription, my freezer is always perfectly stocked.


Depending on what kind of box you’re subscribing to, you will get a delivery right to your doorstep once or twice a month, or once or twice every few months. Subscriptions to basics like shaving razors, coffee beans, or feminine care products make it so that you’ll never run out of the things that you consume on a regular basis. These types of subscription boxes usually offer you flexibility on delivery dates; you can move things up or back depending on how quickly you’re going through your product.  

Each month, I get freshly-roasted coffee beans from Heart, one of my favorite West Coast roasteries. I can’t always find their beans at my local grocery store, having a subscription saves me the hassle of having to go to a specialty shop to get them. My household consumes about the same amount of coffee each month, so a subscription to Heart makes total sense for my life. The roastery ships me whatever roast is in season, so I get a little bit of variety as well as the convenience of a subscription that arrives like clockwork in the mail. As a bonus, getting my beans through a subscription gets me a discounted price over buying each bag piecemeal.


Sometimes getting a mystery box full of goodies every month is just plain fun. Whether it’s video games, stickers, or skeins of yarn, having a subscription to some of your favorite things can make every month feel like it’s your birthday. Keep subscription boxes in mind the next time you’re thinking up gift ideas for someone in your life, or sign up for one to simply treat yourself.

I recently learned to knit so I decided to sign up for a subscription to the Sincere Sheep “yarn club.” Sure, I could go to a specialty shop and pick out yarns to work with, but I actually am excited to get a mystery box in the mail. I now am looking forward to getting a delivery of different kinds of yarn from Sincere Sheep every three months to keep the momentum of my hobby going.

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