iLe Releases Her New Single ‘Donde Nadie Más Respira’ Just Before The Elections

iLe Donde Nadie Mas BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

“They are intimidated when it comes time to bring them to their knees,” iLe sings on her new single “Donde Nadie Más Respira,” dropped just before the November 3 election.

The Puerto Rican singer has delighted her fans with the mastery of a song and a new video that speaks loudly about the island and the United States’ political reality.

“With this song, I hope to encourage people to get involved,” she explains further. “Take action to confront those in power and face the issues so that we can make real progress. It’s time to overthrow these twisted systems.”

The symbolic video for “Donde Nadie Más Respira” (Where No One Else Breathes) was directed by Cesar Berrios and perfectly expresses the strength of the singer-songwriter’s message, whose latest single “En Cantos,” in collaboration with Natalia Lafourcade, won her a nomination for “Best Alternative Song” at the 2020 Latin Grammys.

The song addresses the political leadership that the Puerto Rican people reject and is an effort by the singer to mobilize the vote through a war song.

“They could be seen in the distance, with airs of saviors. They disguised themselves as gods, and we gave them flowers,” the song says.

“They thought themselves immortal, until their day came, that the sun gave us its fire, and the sea its courage.”

The general elections in Puerto Rico, scheduled for November 3, will decide who will be the next governor, the resident commissioner, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the mayors of 78 municipalities.

After the political crisis triggered by the scandal of former governor Ricardo Rosselló and the social uprising that followed, the people of Puerto Rico have raised their voices to demand a radical change in the government system that has subjected them to the worst economic crisis in recent times.

Both iLe and the cream of Puerto Rican artists have become the voice of the people and have used their platform to advocate for change for the benefit of all citizens.