iLe Releases New Single In The Prelude To Her New Album

iLe No es Importante BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Yahoo.

In a static and timeless karaoke, one of those that abound in the most remote corners of Latin America, iLe, the powerful Puerto Rican voice, performs her new song “No Es Importante” and transports us to her intimate magical realism.

After her Latin GRAMMY win for the song “En Cantos” in collaboration with Natalia Lafourcade, iLe’s fans were eagerly awaiting her new music.

iLe’s single “En Cantos (feat. Natalia Lafourcade)” won a Latin GRAMMY last fall for “Best Alternative Song.” “‘En Cantos’ is a pun,” iLe says. “It means ‘in pieces and if put together as one word it means ‘enchantment’. This song is about the uncontrollable curiosity that comes from creating this ‘mystical someone’ who we believe makes us feel complete. A strong sensory feeling that moves us towards the satisfaction of fulfilling what we desire.”

Her new single, “No es importante”, is a preview of her upcoming and anticipated album which has no release date yet.

The song is accompanied by a surreal karaoke video directed by Cesar Berrios. “We both have an interest for the everyday Puerto Rican way of life and the aesthetic that it naturally brings,” Cesar said in an email shared with the media. “The main idea for the video was to play around with surreal elements in a common everyday setting. We wanted to communicate the difference between reality and the world that we create in our minds to channel all the things that affect us.”

After the success of “Almadura”, expectations are very high with this new production, but we are sure we will not be disappointed.