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BELaVoz de América: Coronavirus Edition

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As the cases of COVID-19 rapidly increase in the United States, BELatina News will be documenting how this unprecedented pandemic is affecting people. We will be uncovering the effect this invisible foe has had on various communities, including the Latinx community of the United States. We will be doing this through a project called BELaVoz de América: Coronavirus Edition

It is important for us to showcase raw and unbiased journalism as this is imperative to history. Rather than join in on panic-style coverage, we want to give people’s thoughts a chance.  Though the pandemic is the most concerning part of this situation, it is creating an unsettling chain of events. However, we must not forget the different types of groups who must try to navigate through this dilemma.

It has been claimed that many will survive this disruptive virus, but how about people’s livelihoods? How are the people who were barely living on their wages surviving this economic hit? Will the government do enough to help the most vulnerable or will it fall short? Has the United States forgotten those who aren’t encouraged to speak up? Is their immediate community coming together for the sake of survival or is greed the common denominator among many? There are plenty of pressing questions circling this distressing issue and we will actively go after their answers. Through us, people will be able to find a trusted channel for their voice. 

We will be taking our initiative, BELaVoz de América: Coronavirus Edition, to the streets (whenever deemed appropriate), but in a safe manner. We understand how vital this is, especially during these trying times. BELatina News will be taking all the precautionary steps needed to protect everyone through these brief chats. Practicing social distancing and proper hand cleaning will be of the utmost importance throughout these journalistic events. We may use video chat methods as well. Our team will also ensure that those who participate are not high-risk individuals as we comprehend that we must protect those who are most vulnerable. It is understandable that social distancing is being suggested by many at the moment, but that does not mean we must completely halt social engagement. 

BELatina News will be at the frontline of this predicament. Our ability to thoroughly verify our sources will be aggressively implemented throughout our project, BELaVoz de América: Coronavirus Edition

Remember, the voice of the people holds the power of the world. So, let’s use it. People need to be heard now more than ever. 

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