Isabel Allende Releases Her Memoir, ‘The Soul of a Woman’

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This combination photo shows the cover of "The Soul of a Woman," left, and a portrait of author Isabel Allende. (Ballantine via AP left, and Lori Barra via AP)

Isabel Allende is well known for her literature. Most recently, she released a memoir called The Soul of a Woman, which details the struggle of being a woman, a parent, growing old, love, and being a feminist through every chapter of life. 

The book is short, but it delves deeper into who Allende is. A feminist since kindergarten, the hook that captures the attention of most people who look up to the trailblazer author. 

When I say that I was a feminist in kindergarten, even before the concept was known in my family, I am not exaggerating,” Allende writes in The Soul of a Woman. I was born in 1942, so we are talking remote antiquity. I believe that the situation of my mother, Panchita, triggered my rebellion against male authority.”

Allende has lived a fulfilling life. Now being in her 70s, the author looks back on much of her adolescence and what influenced her particular journey. In the book, she speaks about her experience as a mother, now a grandmother, and how her childhood was. 

In an interview with NBC contributor Daniela Pierre-Bravo, Allende opened by saying, “The rage against chauvinism was natural.” Allende went on to add, “I think I was born with it.” But the process of transforming the rage into action took years. And it didn’t happen until my mid-20s when I started working as a journalist at a feminist magazine — then I could find an articulate voice to express that rage and to talk about other things that needed to be.”

The readers can perceive in The Soul of a Woman how one of the influencers in Allende’s life was her mother and how outrage she was by seeing her mother suffer because her husband abandoned her and her children. 

She explained how during her mother’s time, a women’s struggle was the right to vote; how her generation pushed for the rights, we have today. 

She writes her journey through life, with feminism at the forefront of all her passion. It is not only a book for young women to illustrate what an empowered woman is but an ode to the people who helped shape the person she is today. 

The Soul of a Woman is full of humor and wisdom, in Allende’s trademark style, with her sophisticated verbiage and pointing out the need for ambition, the growing lack of respect for our elders, and the #MeToo movement. 

As for the one piece of advice Allende gave Pierre-Bravo? She said, to ‘talk to each other — women alone are vulnerable, women together are invincible.”