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Watch J Balvin’s Official Live Performance of “Rojo,” Along With the Rest of the Vevo Colores Series, Aquí and Ahora

J Balvin Colores BELatina

J Balvin might not be touring his new album Colores in the foreseeable future, but he’s still managed to find a way to connect with us all in a series of recorded live performances. Today, J Balvin x Vevo released their fourth and final installment of the Colores series, “Rojo.” In case you missed it, Vevo released live videos of “Amarillo,” “Azul,” and “Negro” earlier this week — and don’t fret, we’ve got all of them here in one place!

Each unique, color-inspired set was a product of J Balvin’s collaboration with Sergi Arbusà, a Catalan artist whose plastic installations inflate into existing spaces like large-scale balloons, transforming them into post-modern ecosystems. “Inflatables,” Arbusà calls these installations. 

Eerily, this collaboration — long in the works before Covid-19 became a global pandemic — evokes a hermetically-sealed, quarantine era bubble of safety (or terrarium-like claustrophobia, depending on your shelter-in-place mood). We’ll just chalk this up to Balvin’s practically supernatural artistic foresight.

“I’m so grateful that the team at Vevo helped me bring songs from my new album Colores to life,” he said in a statement. “I take the visual presentation of my music very seriously, so it was great to work with a team of creators that hold their work to the same standard. Being able to share this special performance with you means everything to me since I can’t perform for you in person right now!”

Filmed in Miami with director Kyle Goldberg at the helm, the four videos are shot in a seamless take in different “inflatables,”, the camera trained the entire time on Balvin as he performs each track, alone, surrounded only by pure color, light, and structure. 

The set for “Rojo,” the final video in the Vevo live series of Colores, feels the most intimate of the four (or perhaps best reflects our feeling of being trapped in place), like we’ve been shrunken down and dropped into an abstract model of a heart — which is only fitting, considering what the song is all about. This latest “Rojo” video is a fine complement to the Ghost-like narrative of the track’s official music video released in late February. 

Clearly, the Vevo live series is yet another manifestation of Balvin’s keen instinct to expand the boundaries of his work beyond his own medium. Just last week, he released a coloring curriculum inspired by the therapeutic power of art and the vibrant hues and forms of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s iconic work to children being confined in Tijuana detention centers.

Without further adieu, please enjoy J Balvin x Vevo’s official live performance of “Rojo” directly below, followed by the rest of the Colores series for your complete and utter enjoyment:








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