Jacqie Rivera, the Daughter of Legendary Regional Mexican Artist Jenni Rivera, Is One of the Most Anticipated Artists of the Year

Jacqie Rivera BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Billboard.

Jacqie Rivera is determined to carry on the legacy of her mother, legendary regional Mexican artist Jenni Rivera. Today, Jacqie is considered one of the most anticipated emerging artists in the Spanish-language music industry.

Jacqie has been forging her path in music by combining many sounds into what she calls “Fusion Music.”

Now, nine years after the death of the passing of her mother, Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera, Jacqie has released a cover of “Hurt,” a Nine Inch Nails song famously covered by Johnny Cash.

Jenni Rivera, the Long Beach vocal powerhouse, died in a plane crash in 2012 at the age of 43, along with six others.

Jacqie says the song sums up what the past nine years have been like for her and her family. 

“This year especially, because I identify emotionally with it in the sense of losing our mom and everything that comes with it,” she said.

Jacqie pinpointed a specific lyric in the song that she identifies with: “You can have my empire of dirt.”

“The way I feel is…people can have everything that we’ve gained in these nine years. I think all of us, we’d kinda do anything to just be able to have her back.”

“I see myself as a sunflower…ended up in the dirt, but with hope, I was able to look for light and grow towards it,” Jacqie said in a press release.

The artist’s commitment is to take her fans on a musical journey into her diary of intimate feelings turned into songs.