Javiera Mena Releases New EP ‘Entusiasmo’

Javiera Mena EP Entusiasmo BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of cusica.com

Iconic Chilean Queer singer Javiera Mena has released her new EP ‘Entusiasmo’ on all digital music services.

Mena gave fans a taste of the new EP with the single “Flashback,” released during a period of confusion at the beginning of the pandemic, which combines nostalgia with futuristic elements.

‘Entusiasmo’ also includes the ballad “Dos,” which shows the other side of Javiera Mena, in contrast to her characteristic electropop sound.

“The name of my new EP is inspired by themes of enthusiasm, passion, desire, and Eros,” Javiera explains. “All of the songs follow the drive to chase after something, whether another person or an action. This impulse is linked to the Eros, not just the sexual Eros associated with carnal desire, but also the Eros that motivates people to do things.”

As the artist explained in a press release, the EP includes memories of her forties and stories of heartbreak. The song “Diva” is a collaboration with Andalusian artist Chico Blanco and encourages enjoyment without guilt. The track “Pasión A.K.A. Illusion” features soft tones, pianos, guitars, and bass that provide the song’s melody.

The new EP covers a wide range of feelings, from eroticism to pain and passion. “The EP explores the concept of duality with a roller coaster of emotions,” explains the EP’s producer Pablo Stipicic. “It’s high and low at the same time.”