A New Collaboration of Smashbox Cosmetics Seeks to Empower All Women

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Photo courtesy of globalcosmeticnews.com

“Jefas helping jefas” seems to be the slogan of the year. As millions of businesses fall under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and digital entrepreneurship becomes the new path to growth and opportunity, the world of beauty has found new niches to support each other.

For Smashbox Cosmetics, one of the world’s leading cosmetic brands, there is no better sign of resilience than helping each other.

In a press release issued on November 23rd, the cosmetics giant announced a partnership with Julissa Prado (CEO and founder of Rizos Curls) and Patty Delgado (founder and designer of Daughter of your Mother) to launch a product collaboration and virtual empowerment summit under the umbrella: Smashbox Jefacon.

This is a multi-faceted collaboration platform that allows women to recognize their inner boss. Inspired by “jefa,” Smashbox Jefacon celebrates the immense power of women and honors numerous interpretations of the mindset of a woman behind the wheel.

“Smashbox embodies the hustle. As one of Los Angeles’ original indie beauty brands, we know what it takes to build something from nothing. So do our two incredible collaborators, Patty and Julissa,” says Kimberly Villatoro, vice president of North America marketing for Smashbox. “Together, we will use our voice and amplification power to inspire and empower the women who define history, beauty, and evolution.”

The Latinx community, driven by its intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit, has led the way in economic entrepreneurship, even this year. Hispanic-owned businesses increased at a 40% growth rate between 2012 and 2018 (more than two times the national average), which gave the Villatoro team a new idea.

The Smashbox team set out to find partners who embody the company’s spirit, finding in Delgado and Prado the perfect partners.

Inspired by their tenacity, grit, and incredible business savvy, Smashbox connected with the two founders in 2019 to build their collaboration concept. Since then, Delgado and Prado have seen their businesses flourish (Delgado was featured on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list earlier this year, and Prado’s brand Rizos Curls secured a distribution partnership with Target).

“Smashbox’s values and mindset really aligned with my own – it’s about putting community and culture first,” Prado said. “They are willing to take so much time, energy, and effort to collaborate on an event to help empower women and to push forward the future entrepreneurs and leaders of our generation. Seeing a mainstream brand not only appreciate Latinas but put their money where their mouth is, has been beautiful.”

Delgado agreed:

“When Smashbox approached me to do this collaboration, I couldn’t say no. I’m obsessed with the brand. It’s definitely one of the first makeup brands that I ever bought as a teenager. So it has a very special place in my heart. I love working with brands and people that are so mission-driven, folks that have so many values. And I really loved that about the Smashbox team.”

After holding the virtual summit on December 5, the brand has joined forces with HOPE Latinas, We All Grow Latina, and several other partners to continue building on this platform.

Additional information may be found at smashbox.com | Instagram: @smashboxcosmetics | Twitter: @smashbox | YouTube: www.youtube.com/ SmashboxCosmetics