Women At The Center: JLo and Lady Gaga To Perform at Biden and Harris’s Inauguration

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Photo courtesy of ABC 7 Los Angeles.

It is likely that this January 20, 2021, will be one of the most eagerly awaited days in the last four years. For some, it is a day of celebration; for others, it is a day of sadness and frustration. However, it will undoubtedly be a historic day, marking a new chapter in the textbooks.

Not only do we get rid of a dangerous and incompetent president, but we also get the first female Black and South Asian Vice President, as well as an administration, determined to heal the wounds of a deeply divided country.

To that end, nothing better than a celebration to match. This 59th Inaugural Ceremony will feature a musical performance by Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga, who will sing the National Anthem.

And this is another first for the Latinx community.

If you know anything about Latin artists in America, you surely know Jennifer Lopez tops the list. She is regarded as one of the country’s most influential and famous artists, with a long trajectory in both cinema and music. At the beginning of 2020, after a world tour commemorating her 50th birthday, JLo performed at the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Shakira. The two were the first Latinas to headline one of the nation’s biggest watch parties.

During a virtual conversation on October 16. ahead of the election and in a push for the Latino vote, Lopez told Biden that her care was about “unifying the nation again, you know, getting rid of this hate.”

“Thinking about my kids walking around in a world where it’s OK to be racist or prejudiced because our administration says it’s OK — that, to me, is really sad because it’s not the country that I believe that I grew up in,” she added. “My kind of hope and quest for the Latino community is that they start understanding their power.”

Other artists performing include Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato, and Ant Clemons. The Primetime Special starts at 8:30 p.m. hosted by Tom Hanks, to conclude Biden and Harris’s inauguration. ‘Celebrating America,’ is described as the ‘beginning of a new national journey toward an America united,’ in a press release noting it will showcase ‘the American people’s resilience, heroism, and a unified commitment to coming together as a nation to heal and rebuild.’

Tony Allen, the Presidential Inaugural Committee CEO, said, “We are thrilled to announce an inspired group of dynamic participants for the 59th Inaugural Ceremonies. They represent one clear picture of the grand diversity of our great nation.”

After what feels like decades, today marks the beginning of coming together once again.