Strawberry Moon: Honoring the Abundance at Your Feet

Strawberry Moon June BELatina
Photo credit: Kiyomi Yoshimatsu / Getty Images

We find that overflow can at times lead to various types of waste, neglect, or just be taken for granted. It is often said that “too much of anything is a bad thing” but in the case of gratitude, it is never enough. June is the month of the Strawberry Moon, celebrating a brief but glorious season of one America’s favorite fruit. Algonquin tribes recognized the period of a harvest of strawberries. A time when the earth presents us with the best crop of this delightful fruit in abundance for a short period of time, similar to many of the good things we experience in life. It is amazing to acquire such a milestone in our lives but do we genuinely understand the significance of a plentiful time taking real advantage of the moments and freedoms we are provided?

Life is fleeting, and right now there is evidence everywhere of an out of control carousel. Daily routines are stressful, as are responsibilities that hinder gratitude. But in different ways, we are granted plenitude, even if it is not always in plain sight. We have much more than we give credit for, substantially more than others in the world. Many communities are being confronted by extreme poverty caused by rising unemployment and systemic roadblocks pushing down the disadvantaged. But everything isn’t always what it seems; it can be difficult to see the vast amount of opportunities offered throughout the field of unfulfilled dreams. However, I am of the belief that it is possible to cultivate ideas that lead to a successful crop promoting abundance.

Recently, I’ve been contemplating conversations about living with my eyes wide open. Focusing on moments of truths around me. We have a lot of it, every individual has their own version of the truth. It is difficult to weed through the fluff to get to the essence of anything. 

There is a great amount of privilege roaming society whether we recognize it or not. The unluckiest person has an opportunity for change. It will require close to unbearable labor and sacrifice, but it is a way of rising to an occasion, sometimes unimaginable but not impossible. We must keep in mind though, opportunities lie past the vision, and confronting fear, shame, and the tumultuous challenge is a task that is, more often than not, a barrier. The key to breaking through is in having the conviction that possibilities are present, only our minds have the power to limit us.

As we are enjoying the fruits of our labor during the month of June, let’s take some time to be grateful for the gifts surrounding our lives. Consider the chances you have to make, be, or inspire the change in your life or that of others. There is a window of endless opportunities that offers a wide range to be better and do better as a human being.