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Karol G Performs for Incarcerated Women in Colombia as She Kicks Off Her ‘Con Cora Tour’

Karol G Performs for Incarcerated Women in Colombia as She Kicks Off Her ‘Con Cora Tour’
Credit: Instagram/ @concorafoundation

One thing about Karol G is that she always strives to empower women – no matter their circumstances. This is why it should come as no surprise that she decided to start her “Con Cora Tour” within the confines of Picaleña Prison in Ibagué, Colombia. The “Con Cora Tour” promises to provide shows to some of the most vulnerable communities in Colombia.  

“We are very proud to begin this Con Cora Tour inspired by the social mission of our founder Karol G, with the purpose of sending light and hope to vulnerable communities,” said Valentina Bueno, director of the foundation, in an official statement. 

The decision to initiate her concert series at a correctional facility notorious for housing women inmates was a bold departure from her conventional tour kick-offs. The stage was set in a different manner – within the high walls and guarded perimeters of the penitentiary. The event was an evident display of solidarity and empowerment. 

Karol’s choice to launch her tour in such a unique setting was aimed at sending a message of hope and rehabilitation. It was meant to inspire and uplift the spirits of the inmates, echoing themes of resilience and second chances. 

The ‘Con Cora Tour’ Proves That Karol G’s Music Is for Everyone

According to Infobae, Karol G’s arrival at Picaleña Prison was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the incarcerated women. The anticipation for her concert had been building for weeks, and the massive excitement was felt within the correctional facility leading up to it. 

Though La Bichota has performed in prisons before, this is yet another display of her commitment to breaking barriers and defying norms. Choosing to perform at a place that typically evokes a sense of confinement and restriction marked a significant departure from conventional concert venues. 

Karol G’s concert at Picaleña Prison gave way to the transformative power of art and the ability of music to transcend boundaries, both physical and emotional. The colombiana’s presence within the prison walls served as a sprinkle of hope, reminding everyone that music has the ability to touch lives and spark positive change, regardless of the setting. 

During her concert, she even let her playful side shine through. As she sang one of her songs where she says that she has broken the law since she was a little girl, she let out a giggle upon realizing how this sounded to the inmates.  

There’s no denying that Karol G’s “Con Cora Tour” illuminates the potential for music to bridge gaps and bring moments of joy and solace to unexpected places.  

Karol G is set to perform for Colombia’s general public on December 1st in Medellín, Colombia as part of her event, Mañana será Bonito Fest. 

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