‘Somos Good News’ Reminds Us That Kindness Lives On

Somos Good News Episode 9

I know good news seems scarce at the moment, but thank goodness we have Somos Good News: Latinx Edition around to remind us that goodness in this world remains. 

In this spectacular episode, SGN gives us a glimpse of news that is not only educational but wholesome in its nature. Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco start off by discussing the high school teacher, Dominique Moore, who went above and beyond for his student — as most educators do. 

They then illuminate us with a bartering program, called The Harvest: Amazonian Barter, that has come about in the Amazon. Thanks to two quick-thinking Colombian siblings, they have created a system that will allow farmers to distribute their goods while others enjoy high-quality products. 

Some of us are going back to basics and that’s the beauty of the adaptability of humans. That’s what will help us get back on our feet and Dalila Zapata knows this. Zapata, a Boricua, is the first supermodel with Down’s syndrome. She is donating face masks to the Latinx community in New York so that people can continue wearing them. Talk about queen moves. 

Speaking of which, it seems as though the quarantine might help our queen bees and her bees survive. This is wonderful news considering how we were recently told that the bees were dying out, which would be catastrophic to our ecosystem. See, quarantine isn’t so bad after all. We are saving the world. 

As these good events keep happening, it’s becoming more and more evident how much we were starved of kindness. Hopefully, these types of actions remain after the pandemic is over. As for now, keep doing your part!