KORDELYA is Coming Full Force with New Music and Impeccable Determination

KORDELYA BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Kordelya.

The future is female, and Latinas are making it known. Whether it’s through their creativity, vision, or impeccable determination, Latinas are making their voices heard. This is the case for KORDELYA, an up and coming musician with a knack for exotic sounds. 

Despite the world being turned upside down this year, she took it upon herself to move forward with her musical vision. 

Through her perseverance and a work ethic lost on many, she has been able to release a new song, “Consentido,” Remix X Happy Colors. As if that wasn’t enough of a feat, she’s also releasing the ‘Mal Hecha’ deluxe album on November the 6th. Does she ever sleep? Goodness.

KORDELYA, who has her roots embedded in both Los Angeles and Mexico, allows her culture to guide her inspiration. As for her passion, it’s intertwined with the sounds of her culture.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, her curiosity in music has been molded by her interest in the heartbeat-like thumps felt in cumbia and the magical harmony created by the stringed instruments in mariachi. Her musical love also derives from the Latinx pop scene and some of the most iconic artists our community has to offer: Shakira and Mana. 

Though she is considered an Urban Trap and Indie-Pop singer, she is not deviating from the possibility of diving into other genres in the future. 

BELatina News recently gravitated towards the ‘Consentido’ singer vibe and had the opportunity to speak to her about her musical journey. Here’s what she said: 

What has your musical journey looked like? 

It’s been great. It’s been better than I expected, really. You know, growing up, I heard a lot about the industry and how it’s not always a good industry. But I think that helped prepare me to thrive in it. I’ve learned how to sidestep through any red flags I’ve encountered. I will say that these red flags are diminishing now that Latin empowerment within the music industry is such a great focus. I think that’s impacted me in a big way in how I write and handle myself within the industry.

How about challenges? Have you been faced with anything that has stalled your growth in the professional world due to being a Latina?

Honestly, I try not to think about challenges because I like to sway away from any negativity at all times. Either way, I felt I had to work extra hard at times, especially since I’m a female producer, and that’s not really the norm. I suppose some people try to undermine female producers a bit. But I think that’s also been changing because I’ve been seeing more women producers. It’s nice to see the evolution of where everything is heading regarding Latinas. 

It’s nice to know that change is taking place within the music industry. I’m sure that’s inspired you to produce more music. So, are you working on something new?

I’m working on stuff that’s coming out next year already. So, yeah. I’m making a lot of music at the moment. You’ll hear from it soon. 

It’s great to know that you’ll be releasing new material sometime soon. What motivates you to remain dedicated to your craft?

How I feel when I finish a new song or when I play for an audience. It kind of wakes me up and lets me know how much I love music. That’s my driving force. It’s really exciting to see how I’m going to tell a story throughout my music. I just love it.

It’s evident that your passion for music is a large part of who you are. So, I can only assume you have a few dream features in mind, right? 

I’ve always thought about Mana and Shakira just because my parents were huge fans of them. I guess I wanted them to see me as they saw them. I’ve wanted to collaborate with Tainy in recent times as well. I think he’s so dope.

Well, KORDELYA, thank you for allowing us to get to know you a bit more. Do you have any final words for the audience? 

Yes! A lot of things are coming very soon — more music, more features. Also, we really appreciate all the streams we’ve been getting for “Saludos,” as a percentage of the streams and sales of “Saludos” went to COVID-19 relief. 

KORDELYA exudes confidence and handles anything that comes at her. She’s letting the world know that not even 2020 could stop her creativity. She’s going full force, and we love to see it.