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La Bichota Came Through: A New Karol G Album is On Its Way

La Bichota Came Through: A New Karol G Album is On Its Way
Credit: Screenshot from Instagram/ @karolg

Bichotas: It’s our time to shine! The Colombian superstar revealed the name of her upcoming album and her fan base is losing it. The album’s name, as she posted on her social media, is “Mañana Será Bonito” (Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful.) 

Karol G wrote in Spanish:  

“Por fiiiiiiiiiiin!!!! POR FINNNNN !!! Hoy anuncio el proyecto al que tanto amor y tiempo le he dedicadoOooo. Solo se que para mi y para todos MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO” 

This is roughly translated to the following: 

“Finally, finally,” La Bichota wrote on her social media. “Today, I announce a project that I’ve dedicated so much love and time to. I just know that for me and for everyone else, Mañana Será Bonito (Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful).” 

Over two million people have liked her Instagram post and many big names have shown their support in her comments. The Mexican singer, Carla Morrison, also commented that she’s excited to be part of this project with her.  

A sweet announcement from La Bichota

In the announcement post, she uploaded a short clip, which starts off with her eating a crunchy, Colombian empanada inside her car while looking into Medellín. As the clip progresses, notebook paper lands on her windshield, which had the message: If you’re sad, call here.”  She is seen dialing an apparent call center run by children. Her call center agent is an adorable little boy who gives her advice on how to feel better. He even suggests she writes a letter to Santa Claus.  

At the end of the call, the little boy assures Karol G that “tomorrow will be beautiful.” 

The end of the clip is a message telling her fans that the album is “coming soon,” although no exact date was given. Still, many people are speculating that she might release it around her birthday, which is February 14. She has previously teased her fans with this date for past projects.  

“Mañana Será Bonito” will be her fourth album. The paisa singer, nonetheless, saw plenty of success with her third album, “KG0516.” It was nominated for a Grammy in 2021 and allowed La Bichota to climb all the way to number one on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums list.  

Are you excited about her new album? 

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