La La Liu Is Lúz, the First Latina-Asian LGBTQ Superheroine

La La Liu BELatina Latinx.
Photo courtesy of NBC Latino.

Author and artist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez has given a new twist to representation in comics with the incorporation of the first Latina-Asian LGBTQ superheroine in his comic book series “La Borinqueña.”

As explained by NBC Latino, Miranda-Rodriguez has introduced the character of La La Liu in the third issue of “La Borinqueña.” She is a Dominican college student of Chinese origin who identifies as LGBTQ.

La La transforms into the superheroine Lúz, who has powers that illuminate her eyes and hands. She accompanies La Boriqueña, the environmentally-conscious superheroine who receives her powers from the indigenous Taino gods of her ancestors.

Miranda-Rodriguez explained to NBC News that Latinos of Asian descent are “part of our people,” a message he wanted to convey when he created Lúz, saying he saw it as an opportunity to highlight underrepresented Latino communities.

The Chinese community in the Dominican Republic, he said, has become one of the largest in Latin America. Its Chinatown, known as Barrio Chino, is located in the country’s capital, Santo Domingo.

In creating La La, Miranda-Rodriguez said, he was very conscious of the character’s powers, especially as an LGBTQ Latina.

“Oftentimes, when you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, you live in darkness – in your own family, in your own mind, in your own heart before you have the comfortable space to come out,” the graphic novelist said, referencing crimes against the LGBTQ community, particularly in Latin America.

“What I wanted to do with La La is literally make her a bright light a representation of luminous love,” he said. “She is a reflection of her best friend, but she’s also going to go on to become her own hero in her own way.”

With information from NBC Latino.