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Latina Activist, Claudia Romo Edelman, Wrote an Op-Ed for ‘MSNBC’ – Here Are Our Fave Gems From It

Latina Activist, Claudia Romo Edelman, Wrote an Op-Ed for ‘MSNBC’ – Here Are Our Fave Gems From It
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Claudia Romo Edelman, a Mexican-Swiss diplomat and activist, recently penned an Op-Ed for “MSNBC” where she spoke about the power of Latinas.  

A marketer at her very core, the Latina activist explained how crucial Latinas are to the United States – and the world. She backed her passion-fueled article with data, which is a reminder of the extra steps Latinas must take to advocate for herself and her community.  

Born to Mexican parents, Romo Edelman has previously told “BELatina News” that she believes that “this is our time.”  

“We owe it to our ancestors. They did all the work, and now we’re so ready.” 

Her Op-Ed has many gems within it. So, we wanted to share some of our favorite excerpts from it. Check them out below! 

On Latinas and their influence

“Being invisible has made us creative and courageous. We may not be included yet or compensated equally (along with all other women) but we are gaining influence. Take heed and tap into our power – it is a win for everyone.” 

On Latinas and their ability to build wealth

“Latinas create small businesses six times faster than any other group in America. Nearly 77 percent of all Latinas say they would prefer owning their own businesses. And another data point from the U.S. Census: In the last decade, the number of Latinas who obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher nearly doubled, resulting in better jobs, if not better pay.” 

On Latinas and the reasoning behind their grit

“The high rate of Latina entrepreneurship, of course, is often a response to denied access and discouraging rates of corporate advancement. Given the huge gaps in affordable childcare and healthcare, owning one’s own business is not only an attractive proposition, but also born of necessity.” 

On Latinas in the military

“Latinas represent more than one-fifth of all active-duty enlisted women in service, over-indexing our percentage in the population. This, too, is not a mystery. The military has long been a path to progress for economically underrepresented populations.” 

On Latinas and their potential

“As a Latina, we represent an untapped treasure with exponential potential. And despite persistent systemic barriers, Latinas will only yield greater influence and power in years to come.” 

Next time you’re feeling undefeated or stagnant in life, read the quotes above. Latinas are on the brink of something very big – and you, too, are part of that.  

Claudia Romo Edelman is the founder of We Are All HumanThe Hispanic Star, and Global GoalsCast. 

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