Latiner, a Latina’s Solution for Latinx Singles

Latiner BELatina Latinx

It didn´t take long for a 25-year-old Latina looking for love online to find that the love was not always reciprocal. After the emotional toll of coming across too many “whites only” messages on dating sites like Tinder, she decided to create her own site featuring Latinos to all who love them. 

The co-founder and personality behind Latiner goes by the name of María Camila. The Colombian-born logistics coordinator, currently based in San Francisco, CA, tells me she sends her “thanks to all the daters who have ever turned me down for my ethnic identity” for coming up with the idea. 

Ultimately, this feeling of rejection toward her community drove her to create what she considers a safer place for almost half of Latinos who have said they had experienced discrimination in America, according to a 2019 Pew Research Study. 

After studying business administration at Fundacion Universitaria Cafam in Bogotá, she began working with logistics companies in the U.S at the ripe age of 18. “I got opportunities to travel to the USA and Europe (…) and met many Latinx in those countries (…),” says Maria Camila. “Currently, I am working in a logistics company trying to use all my knowledge and my personal experience to help people connect people with my beautiful culture.”

What ultimately inspired her to play Cupid by developing an app? 

On Latiner’s website, she writes that she had little time to meet people in person due to her irregular schedule, which eventually led her to seek connections online. But it wasn’t until a good friend of hers from Colombia, who met her husband when he arrived in the South American country on a dating tour from the U.S., that her creative juices started flowing about launching something like Latiner.

After the two got married and moved to the U.S. together, María Camila would visit the newlyweds when she could, making app developer friends along the way who would eventually help create a dating app that didn’t require an airline ticket to Latin America for the first glimpse at potential love.

“My unpleasant dating experience reminded me that we (Latinx) needed a comfortable and efficient dating platform where people came to us, especially considering that most of the existing Latino dating apps are dominated by white people.” In turn, Latiner was created by people with Hispanic backgrounds that provide what she calls “a non-discriminatory community, focusing on features that appeal to Latino millennials.”

Latiner vs. Tinder

Available for download worldwide, Latiner is dedicated to singles identifying as Latinx, Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Spanish, etc. At the same time, it provides a platform for anyone who wants to date these singles. She says she has been using Latiner since she created it and met her current boyfriend on it. She’s also happy to report that she has received positive feedback for love matches, thanks to Latiner.

Launched last spring, it now has close to 43,000 registered users. Once you pay for a subscription, you can initiate a private chat with other users and get to see who viewed your profile and who liked you. The app includes tips for being aware of scams as well as alerts for pornography or prostitution. The team is also working on Spanish and Portuguese versions of the app to bridge any possible language gaps.

When I ask how she thinks Latiner empowers women who use it, she says it’s in the way it “makes sure they have more choices as to who to like or dislike when comparing it with other dating apps, in which they may be ignored straightway due to the fact of being a Latina, because here we provide a platform where people come for us, a platform for anyone who appreciates the beauty of Latinas, as well as our cultures.”