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Latina Futures, UCLA’s Project To Provide Insight Into the Experiences of Latinas Across the Nation

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Image courtesy of UCLA/Twitter.

We don’t need to be compared to Tacos on national television to know that the true experience of Latinas in the United States is a mystery to the rest of the country.

Between stereotypes and platitudes, Latinos have become a product of cultural consumption, and our experiences continue to be swept under the rug.

To get to the root of this problem, two Latinas have joined forces with UCLA to create Latina Futures, 2050 Lab, a project that will support research, collect and analyze data, and provide information on the experiences of Latinas across the country and the policies that affect their lives, UCLA announced.

Veronica Terriquez, director of the UCLA Chicana Studies Research Center, and Sonja Diaz, founding director of the Latino Policy & Politics Institute, have set to work on a project that will provide data and research focused on the contribution of Latinas to the nation’s laws and policy debates.

The Latina Futures lab has a $15 million budget from the California state budget thanks to the efforts of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, NBC Los Angeles reported.

And Terriquez and Diaz’s approach has hit the nail on the head.

One of the first areas of study for the 2050 Latina Futures Lab will be the production of an anthology on the state of Latinas in education, civil society, and the labor market, NBC continued.

The anthology, to be published by the Chicana/o Studies Research Center Press, will provide an agenda for Latinas.

“By building on the canon of our scholarly predecessors, we seek to produce cutting-edge research, elevate new voices and deepen community partnerships,” Terriquez said in a statement. “Ultimately, we aim to inform action and track progress toward achieving more equitable and inclusive institutions where Latinas can thrive.”

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