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Meet the Latina Masterminds Behind Mumi Designs

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Photo courtesy of popsugar.com

A chance meeting at a prenatal yoga class in Miami, Florida, led to a friendship and so much more for the two Latina moms behind the organizational brand Mumi Designs. Originally from Mexico, these self-proclaimed momtrepreneurs became business owners while navigating motherhood and finding solutions for the many challenges they faced while raising kids. 

These Latina entrepreneurs have continued to innovate and inspire as they evolve their ever-growing brand of organizational products to meet the needs of busy moms everywhere.

A unique project, but not without obstacles

Most business owners will tell you they faced countless obstacles while getting their brand off the ground and turning their idea into a successful business. But female business owners know this to be true on a much larger scale, and minority female business owners even more so. 

Latina entrepreneurs and working moms have to work even harder to ensure their ideas are heard, and their plans are taken seriously. Plus, they have to try and balance all of their responsibilities at work with their many responsibilities at home. 

Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno experienced all of this firsthand. 

Mumi Designs was founded in Miami, Florida, in 2014 by Gabriela and Maribel, who were on a mission to create efficient and practical ways to get organized. It all began with frustration over the fact that they could not find the right products to satisfy their packing and tidying-up needs. So, Gabriela and Maribel decided to create their own line of simple yet Instagram-friendly, high-quality products designed for travel, home, baby, and office solutions. 

“We first came up with Mumi while on a joint family trip. We went to Valle de Bravo in Mexico for a summer vacation and noticed that we have very similar packing styles,” Maribel told BeLatina. Seeing how they prioritized and valued organization, they shared their common goal of helping other families pack more efficiently. “For us, as busy moms, we are always multitasking with daily chores, carpools, grocery runs, and everything in between. Feeling organized is truly a liberating feeling that helps you take back your time,” Maribel said. 

While their brand initially launched with packing and travel products, it soon evolved as the needs of the Latina moms evolved as well. “We went from solely focusing on travel organizing gear to now also including collections dedicated to the home. Our Mumi home collection is meant to help you organize anything, from your closet to your pantry, to anything in between,” explains Gabriela. “If your home is organized, you can really focus on what truly matters most.” 

Tenacity as the key to success

Starting a business did not come without some challenges—a language barrier, for one. Gabriela told us that Maribel sometimes struggles when it comes to speaking or writing in English, but as a team, they’re able to work together to ensure they both have the support they need. 

In addition, both working moms, Gabriela and Maribel, had to make a significant effort to balance their roles and their time between building a business and raising a family. 

“You can’t be everywhere and do everything at the same time. I am super driven and a perfectionist, so finding balance has always been a struggle for me,” Gabriela told us. It’s often hard to accept that you cannot do it all and balance everything, and “I feel like accepting that has been my balance,” she said. Her advice to other working moms — don’t obsess over what you weren’t able to do or what you could have juggled better. “When I started accepting the fact that every day is different, I started to feel good about all the things I can accomplish.” And another motivator that keeps these Latina entrepreneurs going is their kids. “What helps me is knowing that I’m setting a good example for my children,” Gabriela said. “They see me work hard every day, and they are proud of our company and me. They really get it!” 

There are many benefits of running your own company. Still, one of the greatest gifts of their entrepreneurial venture is the flexibility and control they have over their time and schedules. “When Gabriela and I became friends, we had discussed the idea of starting our own business for a while so we could spend more time with our children,” Maribel told BeLatina. “We both had young kids at home, and both wanted to do something that would give us more control of our time than a typical 9-5 job,” explains Gabriela.

Their product offerings have expanded over the years — always focused on the concept of making life simple so busy moms and parents have more time to enjoy what really matters. It began with packing cubes and color-coded storage bags to help make it easier to travel, especially for busy moms. 

Products for order and organization lovers

Their 5-Set Packing Cubes and Reusable Zip Up Pouches are the perfect way to stay organized in an environmentally friendly, stylish way. Their newest additions to their product offerings are their Home Collection Divider Cubes, a versatile, affordable way to keep closet clutter under control, which is so essential at a time when people are spending more time at home (thank you, global pandemic) and looking for simple ways to keep their space tidy.

So, what are the must-have products that Gabriela and Maribel swear by? “We just launched our organizing bags a couple of weeks ago, and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite products,” shares Gabriela. “You can use them to organize and classify absolutely everything.” And Maribel is proud of their new home collection. “I think people were really focused on making their homes their sanctuary, and bringing some order is a key part of that. Our divider cubes and closet cubes, in particular, are game-changers for closet organization. They make it easy to store and find exactly what you need and cut down the clutter.”

There’s a lot to be impressed with when it comes to these Latina mom-entrepreneurs. They managed to turn personal necessity into a passion project that took off and became a successful business.  Gabriela and Maribel have achieved amazing growth, going from selling their products in a school fair to now selling Mumi in nine different countries and shipping merchandise to all continents after amassing a loyal following. Were there obstacles? Sure. But they tackled any challenges as a team, and the result is a line of sanity-saving organizational products helping busy moms and families around the world.