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Latina Tequila Distiller Talks About the Beauty Behind the Latino-Owned Brand, El Mayor Tequila

Latina Tequila Distiller Talks About the Beauty Behind the Latino-Owned Brand, El Mayor Tequila

In the world of tequila, El Mayor stands tall as a handcrafted premium, Latino-owned brand, with a legacy rooted in generations of meticulous craftsmanship. Recently featured on BELatina, we had the opportunity to dive into the story behind this esteemed tequila brand.  



We spoke to Grace Gonzalez, who is the Fourth Generation Distiller and Brand Ambassador – and she shed light on El Mayor’s mission and her personal journey within this family’s legacy. 

Grace Gonzalez epitomizes the continuity of her family’s craft, being the daughter of Master Distiller Rodolfo Gonzalez. Having immersed herself in every facet of the business over the years, she has cultivated a profound passion for the artistry and age-old techniques behind the creation of their award-winning tequila. As both a Distiller and Brand Ambassador, Grace traverses the globe, introducing countless individuals to her family, their tequila, and the heritage it embodies. 

Grace’s involvement in the tequila industry goes beyond mere professional pursuits; it speaks to the core of her heritage and her status as the first woman within her family and company to take on the role of a master distiller. She fondly recalls being raised within this industry, growing up amidst agave fields and distilleries in Mexico, fostering an innate love for the craft from an early age. Her passion for tequila’s sensory experience, from its aromas to its flavors, further solidified her affinity for this industry. 

However, Grace doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the challenges she faced as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated domain, both in Mexico and the United States. Initially met with expectations of a tough, masculine figure when approaching potential clients, she found herself breaking the mold, introducing and selling her products with determination and resilience. Yet, Grace credits her empowerment to her father and brother, who consistently championed and supported her journey. 

Her relationship with her father, a mentor and guide, embodies a delicate balance between familial ties and professional mentorship. He’s not just a boss but a protector who urges her to surpass her limitations. Grace attributes much of her success and strength to his guidance, emphasizing the importance of exploring personal passions while acknowledging the influence of key mentors in one’s life. 

Despite societal expectations and occasional doubts, Grace remains steadfast in her belief that being a woman or Latina shouldn’t limit anyone’s aspirations. She advocates for mutual support among women, encouraging a network of solidarity to overcome the obstacles faced by women in various industries, including hers. 

As El Mayor Tequila celebrates its 25th Anniversary, Grace takes pride in explaining the intricacies of a true master distiller’s role. Beyond overseeing the distillery, her father’s careful attention extended to selecting agave plants and masterful blending, culminating in the creation of a remarkable 25-barrel batch. 

Tequila, she emphasizes, is not just a drink; it’s a versatile spirit that can be savored, mixed, or even used in culinary experiments. You can witness this, firsthand, by watching Chef James and Karent Sierra having fun with El Mayor during the latest BELatina episode.  

Its popularity among women is also on the rise, defying misconceptions that once labeled it as a drink for men. Truly, Grace’s household represents the diversity of enjoying tequila, from sipping it leisurely to using it as a creative ingredient in cooking. 

Did you know about this Latino-owned tequila brand? If you didn’t, watch El Mayor’s segment and get lost in its magical world.  

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