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Who Said Latinas Can’t Enjoy Power Sports? Here’s Why the Love for Adventure That Drives Latinas Is a Nod to Women Empowerment

Amidst the roar of engines and the electrifying atmosphere of F1 weekend in South Florida, Polaris, Inc., creators of the iconic Slingshot®, extended a thrilling invitation to a rather unlikely candidate: me. As someone who typically drives like an abuelita, this opportunity promised an exhilarating departure from my usual cautious demeanor. It was then that I entered the Fast and the Furious mentality, but with a spin: I was neither fast nor furious.  

Who Said Latinas Can’t Enjoy Power Sports? Here’s Why the Love for Adventure That Drives Latinas Is a Nod to Women Empowerment
Credit: Christelle Eloi

And so, armed with a spirit of adventure and a touch of apprehension, I embraced the chance to join Polaris for their 18th Annual International Female Ride Day. 

About the Adventure-Filled Day

The day commenced against the backdrop of the picturesque Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood Beach, where I was greeted with the sight of a gleaming blue Slingshot awaiting its rider. Adam, the owner of the location, offered reassuring words, calming the nerves of this self-proclaimed “big baby.” Equipped with a helmet for safety, I embarked on this adrenaline-fueled journey alongside Mallory Apperson, Customer Growth Manager at Polaris, Megan Benson, Associate Marketing Manager at Slingshot, and Taylor N. Wills from Ten35’s team. 

With the sun-kissed Florida skies above us, the adventure began in full force. On the initial ride down the beach, Taylor and I bonded over our shared love for female hip-hop artists, immersing ourselves in a playlist that ranged from Tokischa to Cardi B. We even blasted some Sexy Redd and that spoke to our shared love of eclectic music. 



Later, as Megan and I took to the streets, distinguished Bad Bunny lyrics provided the soundtrack to our escapade. It was quite the sight down Hollywood Beach – and it was everything. 

Latinas and Power Sports Go Together Like ‘Cafecito y Pan’

Returning from the exhilarating experience, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mallory Apperson for an insightful conversation. And there was a lot she had to say.  

Reflecting on Polaris’ re-engagement with BELatina (Polaris was part of BELatina TV alongside Karent Sierra and James Tahhan a couple of years ago), Mallory emphasized the evolving landscape of Latina ridership. “Even in the last two years, since we last met with BELatina, I think the whole landscape of Latina ridership too has grown even more,” she told BELatina in an exclusive interview. “We’re seeing more style coming forward, and Latinas are owning the sport.” 

Mallory underscored Polaris’ commitment to amplifying Latina voices and catering to their specific needs within the power sports community. “A lot of the things that we’re working on is not only amplifying the Latina voices and the Latina camaraderie in the sport but also making sure that our products fit the needs of Latinas,” she explained. “An example with Slingshot is style, which is a big part of that.” She’s not wrong. Let’s not forget a famous Latina quote: “Primero muerta que sencilla.” (Roughly translated: First dead than ever be basic.) 

She further elaborated on the significance of events like International Female Ride Day in fostering inclusivity and celebrating women’s achievements in power sports. “It’s really just celebrating the journey for women in power sports,” Mallory said. “It’s all about just celebrating women’s ridership in general. And all voices can celebrate that.” 

As our conversation unfolded, Mallory shared insights into the broader cultural shifts driving increased diversity and participation in power sports. “Women have always been in this space, and Latinas have always been in this space,” she affirmed. “But I think five years ago, it became more amplified, and the outside worlds had more visibility. And so then more people have gotten interested in that sport because they’ve seen that, which then just it keeps the cycle going, which is so cool.” 

Mallory’s personal connection to power sports, cultivated through her father’s influence, resonated deeply. “I personally grew up riding because of my dad,” she revealed. “Being able to have a day where I can celebrate my ridership as a woman on motorcycles in Slingshot, but also be able to have my dad celebrate me on this day, it’s such a really unique opportunity.” 

Beep, Beep – Get In

This adventure-filled day with Polaris Slingshot left one thing abundantly clear to me: There are boundless possibilities that arise when we challenge stereotypes and embrace new horizons. Who said that power sports can’t be enjoyed by Latinas? Please. We dominate this.  

You can find me slightly revving the engines and with the wind in my hair in a Polaris Slingshot soon again. 

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