Latinas Voice Celebrates First Anniversary With International Awards

Latinas Voice Awards BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Latinas Voice.

Latinas Voice, the organization founded by Monica Rivers, Claudia Guillen, and Edith Lopez, is celebrating its first anniversary, and they intend to celebrate in style.

The organization has presented its international awards to promote Latinas in five categories:

Emerging Young Latina Award: This award is given to a young Latina between the ages of 20 and 35 with a strong desire to get ahead with determination and commitment who has taken great strides to achieve her goals despite her little experience.

Inspirational Latina Mom Award: Every mother deserves an award. This special award honors a Latina mother whose bravery has changed the course and history of a family without forgetting to always nurture with values.

Pioneering Latina Entrepreneur Award: Will be awarded to a Latina pioneer who has demonstrated entrepreneurial achievements via profitability, growth, and entrepreneurial culture through innovation.

Latina Mentor Award: This award recognizes a Latina who has been a role model for others by teaching and helping bring out the best in each other, thus forging a legacy for our next generations.

Latina Community Spirit Award: This award recognizes a Latina with a spirit of compassion and selfless service focused on helping others. She is someone who supports a cause created by herself or on behalf of another.

Voting will begin on May 30, and the winners will be revealed on June 24 during a virtual gala.

“There are many ways to celebrate women who think they are ordinary, when in fact they are actually doing extraordinary things. This Latinas Voice platform, the awards, and all the upcoming projects are focused on all those who suffer in silence and don’t know how to follow the path to success. We have united all of our hearts, resources, and strategies to make your voice count,” said Rivers, a member of the executive team.

Latinas Voice Leadership Trainer and Coach and Executive Member, Claudia Guillèn, considers Latinas Voice as a platform for expansion, growth, contribution, and inspiration.

“As a Latina woman, I have a voice; as a leader, I have the ability to transform, and as a professional, I have the responsibility to contribute and add value,” she said. “The Latinas Voice Awards was born with the desire to be the stage to offer the deserved recognition to wonderful women who are making a difference in their daily lives. In our five categories, we want the inspiring message of their actions and achievements to shine and be heard, and with its brightness, many more women feel inspired to shine as well. Because when you find your authentic voice, nobody stops you.”