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Celebrate the Beauty of Latine Talent by Following These Latine Artists

Celebrate the Beauty of Latine Talent by Following These Latine Artists belatina latine
Credit: Instagram @soni_artist

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th – a month-long annual event that celebrates and honors the contributions of Latine communities throughout the United States. To get the celebration started, we’re sharing five Latine artists that will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and beaming with orgullo. 

Instagram: @paola_delfin

Inspired by illustrations, organic forms, and a vast array of unusual materials, Mexican artist Paola Delfin uses her canvas to explore beauty and feminine sensibilities. Her goal is to make her work accessible to everyone from all walks of life and to share her cultural pride with the world. From her earliest memories, Paola always had a pencil and paper in hand. 

If you’re unable to see her breathtaking work in person, you can take a glimpse into her world on the gram. From boat sails to architecture, her feed is beautifully curated with black-and-white art pieces as well as the great lengths she goes through – literally – to create some of her monumental murals. 

Instagram: @soni_artist

Soni López-Chávez is a San Diego-based Latine artist and activist born in Guanajuato, Mexico. Her work vibrantly explores the stories of people of color while inspiring others to be an activist. She’s inspired by the history, food, music, colors, and traditions of her roots as well as artists like Frida Kahlo and Selena Quintanilla

Soni is more than a voice through her work, she shares much of her personality through her Instagram, including her healing journey and challenges as a small business owner. 

“Being a Mexican artist to me means everything. The blood of my ancestors flows within me. With every illustration, with every pen stroke, I am honoring my parents and ancestors that walked before me to give me the opportunities that I am blessed with today.”   – Soni López-Chávez

Instagram: @gleo_co

GLeo, also known as Natalia Gallego, is currently one of the most important voices of Latin American urban art. Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, her beautiful and empowering pieces feature masked mystical beings that symbolize Latin American mythologies. Her work primarily features different shades of blue, yellow, purple, and orange, and almost always depicts a woman as the main subject. 

With every stroke of her brush and roll on the wall, she expresses her perspective on global issues and identity on ginormous murals throughout South America. 

She has been painting since the age of 15 and has no plan to stop any time soon. Her work can be seen all over the world – from Barcelona to Mexico City, and beyond.

Instagram: @raelis

Raelis Vasquez is an extraordinary oil painter whose work usually portrays casual moments in the daily lives of Afro-Latine communities. Born in the Dominican Republic, Vasquez uses his work to explore the intersecting identities of Black and Latine immigrants living in the United States. He received his degree from Columbia University and has been featured at the Pérez Art Museum Miami and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. 

From the beaches of DR to the urban landscapes of New Jersey, the subjects in Vasquez’s paintings are always depicted in an empathic way with layers of emotional states. 

Instagram: @honeiee

An Instagram round-up of Latine artists is not complete without the one and only Harmonia Rosales aka “Honeiee”. 

Harmonia is an Afro-Cuban artist from Chicago known for reimagining Renaissance paintings with women and people of color. Her focus is – and has always been –  to honor the African diaspora while empowering Black women living in western culture. Her primary goal is to spread encouragement, sympathy, and empathy through her work, which is pretty evident from the content she shares on her social media as well. Her content is fun and engaging and takes her followers along for the ride. 

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