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BELatina’s Weekly Recap: Latines Thriving in Entertainment, Clara for Creators, Culinary Arts, and More

Hola, BELatina readers!

How’s everyone doing this fine Friday? We hope everyone’s thriving and ready to take the weekend off. For those who work through the weekend, we hope that everything goes as pleasant as it could.

This week we covered a variety of topics: from Latinas who are setting a new standard in Hollywood, the Latina behind Clara for Creators to the newest music by Latina artists. We also talked about a new Latino-led culinary school, and why Jennifer Lopez was called out for not being Latina enough.

Pero enough of me rambling. Let’s dig into what you might’ve missed this week!

3 Latinas Setting a New Standard in Hollywood

3 Latinas Setting a New Standard in Hollywood belatina latine
Credit: Instagram @rosariodawson @arianadebose @salmahayek

It’s so easy to look at where the country is today and feel a hunger for more diversity across all platforms of media: online, TV, music, and movies. So much of American media is carried by a standard from decades ago, but some strides have been made. Still, better days are ahead for young Latine girls who want to see themselves on the big screen one day. 

Today, we will highlight three Latinas who have dominated the industry with their talent, relentless drive, and enough accomplishments to be called a “badass“ by everyone in the industry and beyond.

The Latina Behind Clara for Creators, a Community-based Site That Believes in Financial Transparency

Photo credit: Instagram / @christen

If you’re an avid social media user, chances are you’ve seen Clara for Creators’ videos of people asking content creators how much they make. Pero why are they doing this, and who’s behind the idea?

Clara for Creators is “a hybrid of Glassdoor and LinkedIn for creators.”

By doing this and by posting regular videos of content creators sharing how much money they make per TikTok on Clara for Creators’ social media, Peruvian Christen Nino De Guzman is helping content creators spark the conversation regarding their salaries.

This is a surefire route to help create a base pay for content creators and help with equal pay.

This Latino-led Culinary School is Building Culinary Confidence For the Community

Credit: Food He.ro

Though over 17 percent of chefs are from the Latine community, there can’t be enough representation in any industry. This is why we must continue to celebrate any efforts that uplift emerging Latine chefs whenever possible.

Now, a Latino-led culinary school in Chicago called “Food He.ro” is going out of their way to provide resources in Little Village to aspiring chefs who wish to realize their dreams in culinary arts. 

Jennifer Lopez is Being Called Out For Not Being Latina Enough – And Shakira is Being Dragged Into It

Photo credit: Instagram @shakira

Why are people outraged about the Recording Academy’s Hispanic Heritage Month tribute to Jennifer Lopez?

In case you missed it, the GRAMMYs.com website posted an article commemorating the Bronx-born A-list celebrity during their Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. 

Some social media users are claiming that there are other Latina artists better suited for the title of “most influential Latin entertainer of all time.” One of the artist’s social media users heavily nominated for this title is the Colombian-born, multifaceted artist Shakira. 

What are your thoughts?

5 New Songs By Latinas To Listen To This Week

Put your earphones or speakers on – it’s time for a music break! Do you ever feel like you listen to the same five songs on repeat? Sure, we love Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti and our nostalgic 2000s tracks – but what’s new? What are the current trending tracks by Latina artists?

From Shakira’s new highly-anticipated song with Ozuna to the emerging Mexican-American artist Alaina Castillo’s newest single – here are five new music videos from genre-bending Latinas who are crushing the music industry game.

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