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Latino Entrepreneurs, There is Money You Can Tap Into

Latino Entrepreneurs, There is Money You Can Tap Into BeLatina News latine
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L’ATTITUDE Ventures is set to invest $100 million dollars in U.S. Latino entrepreneurs. The purpose of the investment is to allow Latino-owned businesses to reach their full potential.

They recently closed their first institutional fund in partnership and raised over $100 million via an anchor investment from JPMorgan Chase, Trujillo Group, and Bank of America. Other investments include UC Investments, Morgan Stanley, Churchill, Royal Bank of Canada, and other high notoriety investors. 

Remember, 80 percent of all new businesses in the United States netting profit were founded by Latino entrepreneurs. 

CEO of L’ATTITUDE Ventures, Sol Trujillo, has been vocal about the investment fund as he believes many Latino entrepreneurs need this opportunity.

“The Latino cohort is the largest in the United States. According to census data, 80% of all net new businesses are being created by Latino entrepreneurs”, said Trujillo. 

Trujillo continued by shedding a light on how overlooked Latino entrepreneurs have been.

“According to a Bain & Company study in 2021, Latino-owned businesses receive less than 1% of funding from top venture capital and private equity investors, which makes no sense.” 

Trujillo is expected to invest a minimum of $250,000 to upwards of millions himself. We commend you, Mr. Trujillo! 

Latino businesses are expected to have a consistent growth rate over the next 30 to 40 years. The CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), Gary Acosta, is also a supporter of the fund.

 “With NAHREP, I have seen firsthand how Latino entrepreneurs can move the ball forward in terms of closing the homeownership and wealth gaps in America. It made perfect sense to me to join as a partner and bring NAHREP’s resources and all of my influential contacts in housing and finance to this new fund,” said Acosta. 

L’ATTITUDE is a national platform that showcases the contributions of U.S. Latinos in business, media, politics, science, and technology.

If you are a Latino business owner, we hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity. Good luck!

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