BELatina’s Best of the Week: Latino Traditions, Self-Care, Lalo Alcaraz, And More

BELatina Christmas Best of the Week Lalo Alcaraz
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Merry Christmas morning!

Yes, in our Latino homes, we celebrate Christmas on December 24. While others celebrate after the birth of the baby Jesus, in Latino homes, we prepare everything, clean, organize, make Mary comfortable, welcome guests, help with the delivery, clean again, and serve the cafecito at the end.

This week we wanted to give the Christmas narrative a twist, and we told stories and wrote thought-provoking pieces around the holidays.

From traditions specific to each region of Latin America to cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz’s work against COVID misinformation, these are the best stories of our week.

Latino Traditions: A Look at Colombian Christmas Celebrations

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All traditions are beautiful. But it is important to appreciate the different traditions within our diverse culture. As with most Latin American countries, Colombia’s holiday traditions are filled with an abundance of energy and food. Take a look at these unique Christmas traditions.

Self-Care During the Holiday Break as a Latina Mom

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We know you have enough to worry about this holiday season. But do yourself a favor and make sure you also focus on yourself. Yes, it’s possible to tend to your own needs while also tending to your children and possibly parenting your parents, too. It’s important to remember that you can only be a good, happy parent who cares for others — especially during the holidays when you’re forced to be “on” at all times — if you’re a good, happy person who’s caring for yourself. 

These Six Latinas in Tech Offer Insight and Advice on the Industry, and How To Take the First Step

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According to numbers released by some of the largest tech firms, including Google, Facebook, and other large tech companies, Latino and Black people account for less than 8% of their workforce. These numbers can sometimes be even lower for Latinas and Black women. BeLatina spoke with six Latinas in tech with varying years of experience and roles who offered their advice and insights on how Latinas can get a job in tech. 

Homelessness During the Holidays, How To Help?

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While most people associate the holidays with a time of joy, family gatherings, and shopping, there are others who don’t. Some people, particularly houseless people, feel more displaced than usual during the holiday season. If you’re wondering how you can help anyone who is houseless during the holiday season, we’ve gathered a few organizations that you can donate to.

Meet the Four Latina-Founded Companies That Raised the Most VC Funds in 2021

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As the entire world attempts to successfully navigate the worst public health pandemic in years, these four Latina-founded companies raised the most VC funding in 2021.

Lalo Alcaraz, the Artist Fighting COVID Misinformation, One Cartoon at a Time

Lalo Alcaraz COVID BELatina Latinx
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Chicano artist Lalo Alcaraz has joined forces with social scientist Gilberto Lopez to launch “COVID Latino,” a campaign to spread pandemic-related information in the Latino community and fight misinformation.