‘Stepping and Strolling’ is This Week’s Episode on ‘Latinx Greek Life’

Benjamín Pérez The Advisor BELatina Latinx
Photo: BELatina.

Stepping and Strolling is This Week’s Episode on Latinx Greek Life and it definitely takes us (the listeners) on a stroll!

Anthony and Jesus speak to Benjamin Perez while taking us back to the ’90s — their college experience, how they became brothers of ΛΥΛ, and how they got involved in what became the number one Latino Greek Life event in the country.

They talk about how this event became a reality and what trajectory they took with it — a passion turned into opportunities for themselves and for others as well.

Unknowingly, they created a movement that forever marked the Latino/a/x Greek Life experience and a world of stepping and strolling would enter the Latino/a/x community, hence changing everything. 

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