Latinx Makeup Tik Tok Creators You Should Be Following

Latinx Tiktok Makeup Creators BELatina Latinx
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Do you feel like putting on makeup is an impossible task? I mean, what kind of sorcery must take place to draw on a perfect cat-eye? I miss my emo days where the more your eyeliner smeared around your face, the better. But now, people seem to strive for a perfectly “beat” face (this is the term to refer to a good face of makeup). The audacity. Well, that’s how I felt until I stumbled upon some brilliant makeup tutorials on Tik Tok. 

Makeup tutorials on the app — that seemingly has taken over the world —  are a breath of fresh air, considering each video is quick and, oftentimes, easy to understand. Well, that’s based on who you are watching, of course. 

I know YouTube has some of the best makeup tutorials, but we need tips in short snippets at this point in our lives. A long video would be torture after endless Zoom calls and just, you know, surviving a pandemic. Also, some of us (read: me) still need time to recuperate from Steve from Blue’s Clues’ closure a few days ago. 

So, to rid you of the pain a long video may cause at this moment, let me introduce you to a few Latinx makeup Tik Tok creators you should give a chance. 


🥺Como me quedó? How did i do? 😳 @milk1422 #makeup #maquillaje #candylover89 #candylover89official #makeuptutorial #armanimyway #fantasyfootball

♬ Twerk It – Candy Lover


Candylover89 or Angelica Torres is a makeup goddess/artist whose videos are filled with makeup wisdom, including teaching us how to recreate some amazing makeup looks. Her vibrant personality makes it difficult to scroll away from her content, especially since she talks to you in Spanglish, one of the best languages out there (am I right or what?). You’ll notice that she’ll insert a “dangggg” here and there, but that’s what makes her so loveable. Besides,  this catchphrase will ring in your ears as you practice what you’ve learned from her. You’ll see. Make sure to follow her on Instagram as well!


Simple and affordable beginner makeup bag! #beginnermakeup #affordablemakeup #makeupforbeginners #makeuptok #makeuptipstiktok #makeuphowto #makeup

♬ Oblivion – Grimes


Rocio Soria, who uses the username @rocio.rose on Tik Tok, also does heavenly work by giving us some of the best hacks and advice regarding makeup. Soria used to work at a notable beauty store but has since left. However, her experience from that job has come in handy. In fact, it has allowed her to give her viewers the (real) down-low on makeup brands, their effectiveness, and if they were truly worth it. This angel is saving so many people money because of her masterful insight. Best of all, she gives people a show-and-tell with makeup brands on her face, so we can, too, see how her expertise comes to life, hence giving her so much credibility. Catch her on Instagram, too!


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♬ Melting – Kali Uchis


Have you ever wanted to buy a makeup product but were afraid of that disappointment once you put it on? Melissa, a Dominican student, saves many people trips to their favorite beauty store because she rates makeup products for us. She even rates drugstore makeup, which, let’s not deny it, are the products that catch most of our attention. No one is trying to break the bank for some powders, right? Talking about not breaking the bank, she also gives us some guidance on how to do beauty on a budget. Isn’t that great?  It is evident that makeup is her jam as plenty of the content on her page is makeup-related. In fact, she’s recently launched her own brand, AuShea Beauty, where she is currently selling lashes. You can catch her on Instagram as well.


Contour process 💕#fyp #parati #makeup #makeuptok #murrillotwins #maquillaje #SHEINcares #makeuptutorial #tutorials #mexican #corridos #lipcombo

♬ 1004 Kilómetros – Junior H


#MakeupTok features Diego, a Mexican makeup artist who shares the process of how they apply makeup with their viewers. Their choice of music, which is often Latin, on their videos makes it an enjoyable experience as you watch all the knowledge they give to us. Diego definitely stays on-brand with their username as all their looks look classy and effortless. He’s also on Instagram!

At this point, we need to conclude that Tik Tok has more influence than we ever thought it would have. Sure, the height of the pandemic helped steer it into success but thank goodness for that. After all, there wasn’t much to do during our collective quarantine. 

Depending on your algorithm, this app can be educational, entertaining, and even comforting. Meaning, everyone’s “for you page” or the space specifically curated for you is different. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some creators that cross over algorithms. Or, at least I’d like to think that some of my favorite Tik Tok creators are receiving the most amount of attention and love because I love to see everyone win, regardless of the platform. 

Remember, those who become influencers on Tik Tok get the opportunity to receive compensation as well as get exposure to other options that can help them secure their bag.