Latinx-Themed Sweats That Bring Back the ‘90s

Bella Dona Sweats BeLatina Latinx
Photo: @belladonala/Instagram

Blame us now perpetually living in sweats on two things: the pandemic, which has forced us to spend an inordinate amount of time at home, and the seemingly never-ending influence of the 1990s on current fashion. Athleisure has been a strong trend for years and years now, allowing wearers to look stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Within the realm of designers who offer comfy tees, leggings, hoodies, and sweats are a handful of Latinxs who marry mainstream athleisure with colors, fonts, words, and graphics that shoutout our culture(s). Thanks to them, now, you can rock ‘90s-era matchy-matchy sweats that also let the world know you’re a proud Latina. Here are some great throwback-inspired sweats from Latinx-owned brands to get you geared up for life and chill. 

Jen Zeano Designs Feliz Sweatshirt

Life is all about being happy in the moment, right here, right now. Whether you feel happy right now or need a reminder to be grateful and positive, Jen Zeano’s “feliz” sweatshirt will deliver the message to you and others. The soothing terracotta hue just adds to the relaxing vibes. 

Available at, $60

Bella Doña Las Dramaticas Hoodie – Black

We all can be dramatica at times, but for many of us, it’s a lifestyle. Join the club in Bella Doña La Dramaticas hoodie, emblazoned with the iconic chola “Smile now, Cry Later” drama masks because we are entitled to all of our moods.

Available at, $60

Viva La Bonita Grey Bonita Chrome Sweatpants

Does it get any more old-school than a pair of grey sweatpants?! Viva La Bonita brings vintage vibes with their Grey Bonita Chrome Sweatpants. Shine and glam are added with the word “bonita” emblazoned in a gold chrome-like font. It’s like your favorite comfy grey sweats–only better. 

Available at, $45

Poderosa For La Cultura Sweatshirt

Whether you are aware of it or not, your achievements, accomplishments, and milestones are not just wins for you — they are also wins for your culture(s). Poderosa’s For La Cultura shares that success for one of us is success for all of us with this sleek, neutral, and empowering sweatshirt. 

Available at, $20.58

Growing Up Hispanic Mom Loteria Sweatshirt BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Growing Up Hispanic/Etsy

Growing Up Hispanic Latina Mom Loteria Sweatshirt

El chisme. La vela. La telenovela. These are just some of the things that make up Latina moms, and just some of the visuals you’ll find on Growing Up Hispanic’s Latina Mom Loteria Sweatshirt. It’s a piece of athleisure that you can wear comfortably and stylishly with leggings and matching sweatpants, but that will also give you a laugh and a good dose of nostalgia.

Available at, $25-$29

Hija de tu Madre Bleach Tie Dye Sweatshirt

This Hija de tu Madre sweatshirt combines fashionable trends: slouchy 1990s sweats and bleach tie-dye. It allows you to wear something funky and stylish, but also wear something neutral that will go with a lot of your neutral pants, leggings, and sweatpants. “Hija de tu Madre” is printed on the front, while “Latina” is printed boldly five times on the back. 

Available at, $65

Bella Doña Purple BD French Terry Suit

Pastel-hued sweats are a subtrend of the major athleisure/sweats trend, adding a hyperfeminine touch via colors like pink, peach, soft yellow, baby blue, and lavender. Bella Doña is dropping a new version of their oversized, ‘90s-esque sweats in two big throwbacks of the decade: lavender and terrycloth. It manages to look both sweet and street at the same time. 

Available at, launching April 20

Queen Rosa Shop La Jefa Sweater BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Queen Rosa Shop/Etsy

Queen Rosa Shop La Jefa Sweater

You are the jefa of your life, your success, and your destiny. You should know that, and so should everyone else. This bold sweatshirt by Queen Rosa Shop shares this empowering sentiment with the words “La Jefa,” surrounded by a heart and red roses.

Available at, $29-$36.70

Viva La Bonita Lime Cloud Tie Dye Sweatpants

Spring is a season of cheery colors, and it doesn’t get more cheery than lime green. These sweatpants from Viva La Bonita, which also come in tan, pink, lavender, and baby blue, glow in a pop of lime that is totally attention-grabbing. Nab the matching sweatshirt for a complete look. 

Available at, $50

Mundo Latinx Afro-Latina Sweatshirt

Why have just a regular black sweatshirt when you can have a black sweatshirt that colorfully reps your Afro-Latinidad?! This super cute pullover from Mundo Latinx says “Afro Latina” in cheery purple, green, yellow, red, and orange. It’s the pop of color your black sweatpants always needed.