A Conversation with Laura Posada on Empowerment and the Age Myth

Laura Posada BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Laura Posada

The Mexican proverb, “el que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le acobija,” talks about the importance of getting close to those who will teach you as that will aid your success. It’s similar to “dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres,” which speaks on choosing the right crowd. Most of us have heard different versions of these proverbs or “dichos” growing up, and, undeniably, there is some truth in them. 

Being that society is more connected than ever thanks to technology, we have plenty of teachers, mentors, life coaches, and more at our disposal. But finding the right people to guide us for our specific needs and wants can be a hassle. 

Laura Posada, popularly known for the movement coined as #40isthenew20, is a life coach, a former Puerto Rican TV personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who understands the significance of being guided properly. Therefore, she shares her wisdom that has grown from her own life’s experiences with as many people as possible in the hopes of helping them succeed.

Currently, she is pushing fitness and wellness, which is a necessary topic to touch upon, especially after a year where most of us were sedentary. She believes that neither age nor other factors should limit anyone’s ability to reach their goals.

Through motivation, providing resources, and being as present as possible in her social media, she has reached plenty of homes with her teachings. 

BELatina News recently spoke with her about how she has conquered the art of motivation and connecting with others. Check out what she had to say below. 

BELatina News: What decisions have you made that have been vital to your success?

Laura Posada: First of all, you have to do something that you are really passionate about, that you really like, and that you will want to do every day.

The second thing is that you need a plan of what you want to achieve with that job. Meaning, what is your goal and how far do you want to go? So, for example, have something outlined, on paper, to know exactly what you have to do at each stage; but, at the same time, you must have the ability to be flexible and adjust that plan according to your life. 

The third thing I would tell everyone is that, obviously, there are things you can’t do by yourself; So, it is important that you have people on your team who have skills that you do not have — a team that complements your skills, that helps you, that makes you grow so that you can focus on the things that you are good at.

BN: What do you do to handle all the responsibilities that you have to date?

LP: Look, I would tell you that women today have to be multifaceted. We have many responsibilities. We have a lot of pressure; we demand a lot from ourselves. There are also many expectations from society. But I don’t like using that multitasking phrase so much. Why? Multitasking is what a computer does, which is responsible for doing different tasks at the same time. On the other hand, we, as women, do have to do different things, but we can’t do all of them at the same time. 

If you try to do everything at the same time, you’ll get desperate, you’ll get frustrated, and then you won’t do anything right.

You have to organize and divide your day to focus and do one thing at a time and do it well. You can’t do it all at once. It has to be like a healthy plate; there has to be a balance in your life. 

BN: Could you tell us a little bit more about the #40isthenew20 movement and exactly what it is?

LP: #40isthenew20 started when I was turning 40. I was scared and depressed because I thought that as soon as I turned 40, my life was going to end. I was going to be old, so to me, that meant I would not have opportunities, and I was no longer going to have energy. So, while talking to my mother-in-law, she said, “why do you think that? At 40, you can still have the best years of your life.”

After that conversation, I thought to myself, “if I decide that my 40s will be the best years of my life, well, it will be.” 

And it’s true; everything is in your mind and your attitude. 

BN: How did you rewire your brain to think that way?

LP: Well, a 40-year-old woman still looks young, she can still be fit, she can still be athletic, as well as beautiful and fabulous. She can also still start a new career, learn many things, plus she has the wisdom of the 40 years she has already lived. How great is that? 

So, I decided to create this movement called #40isthenew20, and it is meant to inspire women who are reaching their 40s or are in their 40s. But, no matter how old you are, you can still be full of life and lead a successful one, too. Of course, you will learn and have plenty to see, but that’s the best part of it. Besides, there is beauty in all ages.

So, no matter how old you are, you are still relevant, you are still important, and you can be beautiful — at any age.

BN: That’s incredible! And do you always use the hashtag to guide and motivate people? 

LP: Yes, I always use #fortyisthenewtwenty. I use it for all the things I am doing, such as the challenge I am currently doing, which ends June 21st. It is an ab challenge for anyone ready to work on something different for themselves.

BN: As for the ab challenge, is it free, or do people have to sign up somewhere?

LP: They do have to register. They can find the registration on my Instagram or my website, lauraposada.com, in the shop section. The cost is only $99, and it is extremely comprehensive. We must understand that we are in a time where women are realizing the power of themselves, and these resources will definitely allow them to reach their goals. 

BN: It’s great how you try to connect with people both through their minds and body. But what about those people who struggle to get started on any goal? Do you have any advice for those people? 

LP: Well, I think many people put too many limitations on themselves or let their fears dominate them. Or maybe they plan too much and want everything to be perfect, so they never start. That’s why it’s important to put things into perspective. 

First, they have to evaluate what is preventing them from reaching that goal, and once they know what is preventing them, they have to work on that to improve it. If they can do this, well, then they can get to the next step. Therefore, it is important that they motivate themselves to achieve their own goals. 

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that many people look for motivation exteriorly, but the reality is that the most important motivation comes from within ourselves. People need to learn to motivate themselves. Simply put, it has to do with thought, feeling, and action. That’s pretty much what someone needs to do to start working on what matters to them. 

BN: Amazing, it sounds like a formula. Would you say it is? 

LP: It is a formula, yes. But people must do it themselves, not wait for anyone to come to save them or for anyone to do things for you. So people have to do it themselves.

BN: You’ve provided so much knowledge until now, so I wonder, do you have anything else you would like to share with the BELatina audience? Maybe other projects that you are working on at the moment?

LP: Actually, yes! Now that I am about to reach my 50th birthday, I have launched my sportswear line; it is a project that I’m super excited about. If you go to my page lauraposada.com or on my Instagram, you will see all the clothes. This sportswear line gives women the opportunity to feel great about themselves while working, not only because of the activity but also because these garments are meant to make all women feel beautiful. 

Laura Posada is on a mission to help women accept their power within themselves, no matter their age. Her expertise will surely allow for this to happen.