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The LGBTQ+ Community in Puerto Rico Crowns Maripily Rivera as Their Queen

The LGBTQ+ Community in Puerto Rico Crowns Maripily Rivera as Their Queen
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For months, millions of Puerto Rican families tuned in to watch the personal and professional journey of Puerto Rican model Maripily Rivera on Telemundo’s “La casa de los famosos.” Showcasing her island’s best qualities, Rivera defended Puerto Rico against those who doubted her compatriots’ potential for success. 

On June 6, Maripily achieved yet another milestone. She was crowned Queen of Orgullo Boquerón 2024, an honor celebrated with joy, color, and diversity.  

From early afternoon, Margarita Pabón Plaza was awash with the beautiful colors of the LGBTQ+ flag, as attendees dressed in colorful attire and accessories gathered for the festival’s opening ceremony. Music, a large stage under a bright sky, and an atmosphere of harmony set the scene to welcome “the queen,” a title Maripily was affectionately given throughout the iconic Boquerón community. 

María del Pilar Rivera Borrero, as she is officially known, won the competition on May 20. Her victory went beyond personal achievement to become a symbol of national pride. Like other Puerto Ricans who have excelled in various fields, Rivera, 46, continues to receive accolades for her efforts. 

What Maripily Rivera Says

The ceremony featured her iconic phrases, “voto perdido” and “Tierra-rra-rra-rra,” as she cut the ribbon to open the festival. The “Huracán Boricua Categoría 10” was then crowned and received her official title sash. “Thanks to everyone because you made this victory possible. Behind every b**** there are more b****es, you know why? So that they respect us,” Rivera Borrero told the crowd of enthusiastic fans gathered in front of the main stage. 

The winner of “La casa de los famosos 4” also shared a powerful message with the audience. She urged for acceptance and self-love, saying, “The fact that you are supporting me fills me with pride because we need to give others a chance too, regardless of what they believe, what they do, or what they want. Everyone has the right to live freely and as they feel best, without shame.” 

Rivera also expressed her joy about the recognition, noting her strong connections to the LGBTQ+ community. “I’m super happy because most of my team is from the community. I have a brother in the community, I have family in the community, and it fills me with pride because I really enjoy this community,” she said, celebrating that her first crown came from Orgullo Boquerón. 

Maripily continues to win and we are here for it!  

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