Eight Life-Saving Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Holidays

Stocking Stuffer Ideas BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of belatina.com

Stocking stuffers are often overlooked. But what people don’t realize is that they can be life-savers. From beauty solutions to items that promote wellness, we’ve rounded up some of the best goodies created by Latinx-owned brands that you can add to your loved one’s stockings. 

These stuffers – or mini gifts, as I like to call them – are guaranteed to be appreciated by those receiving them.

Botánika Beauty’s NEW Travel Bundle

Botánika Beauty's NEW Travel Bundle BELatina Latinx

Cost: $8

Do you have a friend or family who is always out and about? Well, the Botánika Beauty Travel Trio will be a dream come true for their busy lives! The collection features three haircare products: The Cleanser Hydrating Shampoo, Manager Silkening Conditioner, Definer Light Curl Cream – all of which are not filled to more than 2 ounces.

Mija Matte Lipstick by Vive Cosmetics

Mija Matte Lipstick by Vive Cosmetics BELatina Latinx

Cost: $18

The “Mija” lipstick from Vive Cosmetic’s “Cremoso Matte Lipsticks” collection can be flaunted by beauty-lovers of all ages. Like all their others, this lipstick is made from a cruelty-free and vegan formula, and it’s long-lasting enough to give anyone the confidence to eat without the fear of smearing.  

Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Gleam Eyewear

Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Gleam Eyewear BELatina Latinx

Cost: $79

As we approach year three of the pandemic, most people around us are glued to their computer screens and phones all day long. Whether it’s for work or the now-habitual Tik Tok scroll, people’s eyes are not getting a rest. But Gleam is helping with the issues that come with too much screen time. Their blue-light-blocking glasses are said to have diminished headaches, eye discomfort, tired eyes, and more. Best of all, they have the cutest frames that are sure to appeal to different fashion tastes. 

Gold Rush Loose Powder Vegan Illuminator by Pyra Beauty 

Gold Rush Loose Powder Vegan Illuminator by Pyra Beauty BELatina Latinx

Cost: $18

The inception of Pyra Beauty started in a salt mine in Zipaquira, Colombia, where the founder, Angelica Romero, came to the realization of how much nature can give us. Since then, she has created beauty products that protect the planet through sustainable packaging and plant-based ingredients. This vegan illuminator, for instance, is an example of her commitment to clean skincare. It is infused with coconut oil extracts, and it aims at giving any skin tone a luminous golden glow. The packaging is small and compact enough for on-the-go and to definitely fit in a stocking (so add a couple in)!

Paper Rose Flower Crown by The Flowerchild Bruja

  Paper Rose Flower Crown by The Flowerchild Bruja BELatina Latinx

Cost: $22

This paper rose flower crown is perfect for your spiritual friend or someone coming into their own as a bruja. After all, Lana del Rey is not the only one that can rock flower crowns. This beautiful gift is created by an Afro-Latina-owned online botanica that carries all sorts of goodies. 

Empower Earrings by Daniela Uribe

Empower Earrings by Daniela Uribe BELatina Latinx

Cost: $195

Daniela Uribe is a Latinx-owned brand whose sole focus is to create a fashionable space for all sizes, genders and anyone who may feel identified with their items. From shoes to jewelry, Daniela Uribe has something for everyone. Empower your favorite prima or BFF with these earrings!


SOMEONE YOU LOVE MUG by Viva La Bonita BELatina Latinx

Cost: $25

The best type of gift is one that reminds your people how much they are loved all year long. This mug will do just that. Lifehack: add candy, stickers, and stamps inside the mug to give your friend or family member the feeling of a more hefty gift experience. 

Holiday Special Bundle by Lights Lacquer 

Holiday Special Bundle by Lights Lacquer BELatina Latinx

Cost: $52

Give the gift of self-care with this must-have nail polish set. Lights Lacquer is known for its vegan and cruelty-free formula committed to helping people get professional results at home. The holiday bundle includes six long-lasting, highly-pigmented colors fit for anyone ready to rock the best manicures out there. 

Don’t have a stocking? Don’t sweat it. They are everywhere, even at the dollar store. There’s no need to get too fancy – a small one would work too. Besides, what matters is the thought behind it. Trust me; these stocking stuffers will have your loved ones gushing. For a better experience, add candy and chocolate to your stockings as well.