Ten Love Phrases By Some Badass OG Latinx Influencers

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It feels as though our current reality has us neglecting one of the greatest aspects of humanity — love. 

Most of us are waiting for this seemingly never-ending storm to end, which has led us to put what matters most on the back burner. 

Between working on your mental health and navigating through the challenges a pandemic-ridden world has brought, you need to feel the love. 

Being that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we think you owe it to yourself to celebrate it. 

So, if you need some motivation to get into all the warm emotions that have bottled up for about a year, fret not. 

We’ve concocted some of the dearest love phrases by some badass Latinx/Hispanic people (the original influencers if you will) to get you in the right mindset. Who knows, maybe these will give you the courage to text that person who has been in your mind for quite some time now. 

“Nuestra única misión aquí, a final de cuentas, al final de todos los caminos, es venir a conocer el amor” 

— Chavela Vargas

“Our only mission here, at the end of the day, at the end of all roads, is to come to know love” 

“Si me ves por alguno de tus pensamientos, abrázame, que te extraño” 

— Julio Cortázar 

“If you see me for any of your thoughts, hug me, I miss you.”

“Tú no amas. Amas en vano, vanamente. Vanidad de enamorada que se vendió a la ausencia. Este amor te devora, tú misma ya no existes” 

—  Alejandra Pizarnik 

“You do not love. You love in vain, in vain. Vanity of a lover who sold herself to absence. This love devours you, you yourself no longer exist.”

“Amo la violencia con la que tu sonrisa destruye mi rutina” 

— Gabriel García Márquez 

“I love the violence with which your smile destroys my routine”

“Que el mundo y yo te queremos de veras, pero yo siempre un poquito más que el mundo”

— Mario Benedetti 

“That the world and I really love you, but I always a little more than the world.”

“Inventaré nuevas palabras para decirte en todas que te quiero como a nadie” 

— Frida Kahlo

“I will invent new words to tell you in all that I love you like nobody else.” 

“Conocer el amor de los que amamos es el fuego que alimenta la vida”

— Pablo Neruda

“Knowing the love of those we love is the fire that fuels life”

“Yo te enseñé a besar con besos míos 

inventados por mí, para tu boca” 

— Gabriela Mistral

“I taught you to kiss with my kisses invented by me, for your mouth.”

El sabio es sabio porque ama. El loco es loco porque piensa que puede entender el amor”

— Paulo Coelho

“The wise is wise because he loves. The madman is mad because he thinks that he can understand love.”

“Tú para mí, yo para ti, bien mío

–murmurábais los dos–

«Es el amor la esencia de la vida,

no hay vida sin amor»” 

— Rosalia de Castro

“You for me, I for you, my good

–You both murmured–

«Love is the essence of life,

there is no life without love”