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The New Manifestation Trend, ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome,’ is Promising Good Fortune – But is it That Simple?

The New Manifestation Trend, ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ is Promising Good Fortune – But is It Inclusive? belatina latine
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The new year is coming in at full force and, for some, it is filled with people believing that the world is conspiring in their favor – which is not a bad thing, really. 

Coined the “lucky girl syndrome,” TikTok is going wild about a concept that revolves around manifestation.  

The philosophy for this manifestation trend lies in thinking that you’re out-of-this-world lucky, which will in turn allow you to bask in bounds of good fortune. As TikToker @hothighpriestess explains, the “lucky girl syndrome” is based on the Law of Assumption. 


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People partaking in this trend are in many ways, romanticizing their lives and sprinkling fairy dust on their life experiences with the hopes that things will go in their favor. And who’s to say they’re wrong? Let’s not forget that the mind is a powerful thing.  

If you’re into astrology, you are familiar with manifestation. As many of you may know, our in-house astrologer, Vanessa Codorniu, is constantly giving tips on how to manifest and when it’d be the most effective. So, for those who believe in it, there can be truth in manifestation tactics.  

The trend urges people to have a positive outlook on everyday life events while thinking that they are already the luckiest person. That in itself sounds lovely.  

But is it that simple?  

Does the ‘lucky girl syndrome’ apply to everyone?

The stark reality is that systemic racism and lack of access to basic resources exists, which can affect anyone’s quality of life. Sure, you can try to manifest a more favorable situation for yourself, but this is not the only thing you should rely on. Sometimes you must get in front of life and create your own luck, if possible. You can’t wait for good fortune to sweep you off your feet.  

Of course, there are situations that may be out of your hands, which is why you should make sure to bring awareness to whatever you are experiencing as much as possible – and remember to have a solid support system at all times.  

Not to be una amargada, but it is also important to have realistic expectations in your life. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in the “lucky girl syndrome.” By all means, get into all of it! However, you mustn’t get lost in any fantastical realities.  

Stay grounded, amigxs.  

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