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Madre Hispana is a Verb.

De tal madre tal hija Still BELatina

Madre Hispana is a verb. It is never a noun. It is a 24/7 on-call, a constant worry, a Bruce Lee and the art of Multitasking. It is the Gentle Mother and the Fierce Warrior, but with a sarten, a mapo and a plate full of consejos in her multiple hands. The doer of it all. The source. The One.  

Madre is the gift that keeps on giving, even when you wish it would stop. Hispanic Mums are overprotective and at times overbearing, but we stand as titans over our children, lionesses at the gates of their lives. As the Spanish proverb states: An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy. 

We cajole, we demand, we might be intrusive in our children’s lives but, we are always there, a constant that will never leave, no matter the passage of time. We want something better for our children, especially for our daughters. We want them to live and embrace their passions. We want them to take the road not opened to many of us – the one less traveled.  

That is why, for Mother’s Day, the award-winning Los Angeles based video production company HRDWRKER released “De tal madre, tal hija,” a three-minute film that illustrates the supportive relationship between a mother, Adriana López, and a daughter, Fabiola López.

As with many women of her generation, Adriana was not allowed the freedom to follow her heart. She left it all behind to get married and have children – the route expected of Hispanic women. When she became a mother, she vowed that her children, especially Fabiola, would have the freedom to live their dream and not be chained to a stove and a husband.

Fabiola is now an up and coming photographer and a part of the Las Fotos Project mentorship program.

The film, shot on an iPhone, was a 2019 Official Selection of the Oaxaca FilmFest. It was directed by Othoniel Molina Othoniel Molina, a self-taught cinematographer, and editor based in Los Angeles, of Salvadoran descent.

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