Matthew Caleb Fernandez’s Inspiring Story of Perseverance

Matthew Caleb Fernandez BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Instagram/ @emazingmatthew

There are differing views about social media, and there’s plenty to critique. It has the power to affect someone, influence, and entertain. But let’s talk about it when it is used to make dreams come true. 

This is the case for Matthew Caleb Fernandez. 

A couple of months ago, Charlie Rocket, the social media figure who believes in spreading kindness and works towards making a lasting impact on people’s life, messaged him. Specifically, he DM’ed him through Instagram and asked Matthew about his dreams. 

“And then I told him that it is to create my own clothing company and to walk on my own.”

See, that’s the thing about dreams. When we are asked in such a candid manner, our heart takes control — adding to their value even more. 

Fernandez is a young Latino, 23, living in East LA. Matthew was born with cerebral palsy, but his condition hasn’t stopped him from chasing a reality that he’d be proud of. 

“I was born premature, and I died at birth, but then the doctors resuscitated me, so I’m a miracle,” he told BELatina News in a recent conversation. 

Destined for a life filled with surprises, great efforts, and strength, Charlie’s message came at just the right time. 

A lot of his motivation comes from the late rapper Nipsey Hustle. He recalls the tenacity Hustle had for his community and anyone around him. 

“He was a very humble, down-to-earth human being, and he was kind and loving towards people.”

Now, he wants to follow in his footsteps and help the Latinx community and others through the outcomes of his perseverance. 

After the DM, Charlie showed up at his home without notifying him or anyone of his family. He showed up during  Fernandez’s mom’s birthday, so the surprise factor was heightened.

“Then, he said, ‘Let me see some designs.’” 

“So, I started drawing and showed him my designs that I drew. He fell in love with them.”

On August 22nd of this year, Fernandez launched Violets Are Kind of Purple with the help of Charlie. ​​

The shop is currently working on its next drop, so make sure to subscribe to his site as you wait for the amazing items he will release soon.

He is also reaching his goal of walking on his own every single day.

You can follow Fernandez’s journey on his Instagram account, where you will find him fraternizing with some of the most influential figures of today. 

Matthew Caleb Fernandez is living testimony that the saying “anything is possible” is more than a cliché; it is a reality.