Feel Like a Queen With Flor de Maria, The Latina-Owned Shoe Brand

Flor de Maria BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of http://www.flordemariafashion.com/

Now that the holiday shopping is over, we can get back to regular shopping schedules. Most of us are already preparing for summer sandals to wear out after being huddled at home for months between covid and the winter. Flor De Maria is here for all the fashion trends, especially for Latinas who know best. 

In a recent interview with Bustle, the company owner, Maria Rivera, talks about her love for shoes and the reason she began this business that celebrities like Normani and Kylie Jenner are currently obsessed with. 

Born in Peru, Rivera moved to the states as a teenager. A seasoned sports journalist, she shifted her interest in a bilingual blog where she’d share her passion for fashion. Later in 2019, she launched her dream baby, Flor de Maria. Since then, a short year or two, things have taken off for the journalist-turned-business owner. 

From Sandals to pumps, Rivera says she goes to mood boards to look for inspiration. When Bustle asked about her Latinx representation in fashion, she talked about the lack thereof. However, she said in recent times, the fashion industry “seems to have become more aware of the problem,” noting she hoped for more inclusivity in the future. 

“On the other hand, the support I’ve received from the Latinx community has been unmatched. I’ve been blessed to have been featured in magazines, newspapers, websites, and TV. Many Latinx celebrity stylists often pick my shoes for red carpets. But it’s definitely been a little harder to break into the U.S. market,” Rivera noted.

In an article with FootWear News, Rivera shared her first collection was inspired by her Peruvian culture. One of the pairs, the ‘silhouettes,’ make a nod to the Andes mountains and Peru’s southern Nazca lines. Other inspirations include her mother. Like so many Latinas, Rivera can’t recall a time where her mother was not wearing heels to leave the house. 

Instead of calling her shoppers of the brand “customers,” she calls them queens. With every pair named after a female, Rivera’s goal is that “as soon as they put my shoes on, I want my customers to feel like they can conquer the world. They are confident, hardworking, and can do anything they want.”

So what isn’t there to love about the brand? What started as a small business has quickly grown. As a Latina-owned brand, it is only right to support it and uplift the people who’ve long worked for a place in high fashion. Go and get a pair of Flor de María, and rule like a Queen.