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Meet Veronica Escobar, the Texan Latina Here to Bring Some Reason to the Border Debate

Veronica Escobar Congresswomen BELatina
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The fortune of being born inside the U.S. borders can easily be taken for granted. My parents arrived from the Dominican Republic to New York during the 1960s. Myself and siblings were born with the benefits of being American. Since then both my parents acquired citizenship status, they completely assimilated into a life in the United States.

Similarly, Veronica Escobar’s nationality is American born in El Paso, TX. She attended New York University then set off on a successful career in government. Currently, the Representative for Texas’ 16th congressional district, her resume includes serving as County Commissioner and County Judge in El Paso. What sets her aside from other politicians? 

One year, while sitting with her husband, a federal immigration judge, at a routine game of minor league baseball, she was taken to a moment of great significance. An instant in time where I can only imagine feeling lucky to be born on the other side of the thin border separating El Paso from Mexico. A memory sent her back to a meeting with migrants at the Mexico border. It was as heart wrenching as real life can get for someone born to the privilege of being a US citizen. Ms. Escobar expressed the emotion saying, “I’ve never cried so much in my life. I just feel it so deeply, and so profoundly.” The congresswoman isn’t just a representative playing her part in a political game. She is vested in making sure that people have rights and are given the proper treatment at the borders. However, at the same time, she is not looking to demonize the individuals protecting our borders.

The Border Patrol agents have a job to do, as does her husband, Michael Pleters, who has the responsibility of ensuring the judicial process is respected during the immigration ordeal. She also has a duty to uphold the laws while remaining humane to those that seek asylum. Everyone plays a part in reforming immigration as it is today. Ms. Escobar seems to have the objectivity necessary to push forward the proper agendas as we find a middle ground in the controversy increasingly brewing in our nation. 

There are hard lines being drawn on the topic making it an extremely difficult issue to govern. While there are supporters on each side of the argument fighting for how to handle immigration, there is another aspect that we have not taken into consideration, as closely. The congresswoman is being recognized for her empathy towards migrants. Raised in El Paso, TX gives her unique insight as to who are the people struggling to get across the borders. The faces of mothers, fathers, and children looking for a better life are at the forefront of the caravans flowing into our country. Families that seek an opportunity to realize a dream that many don’t believe they are entitled to have in their lifetime.

Ms. Escobar’s approach is different as she humanizes the issues behind and in front of the borders. She cares about her county, as well as the residents that choose to live in the city in which she was brought up. A strong advocate for what is right, she brings reason and validity to the border debate but does not denigrate the bipartisan effort.

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