Melissa Barrera, the Multifaceted Mexican Actress Conquering Hollywood

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One of the quickly rising and crossover Mexican actresses and singers in that last decade is Monterrey, Mexico’s very own Melissa Barrera, recently known for her role in the Starz three-season drama series Vida that was aired from 2018 to 2020. 

Barrera is currently on her Hollywood peak, about to appear as one of the leading roles of the musical drama film In the Heights that will be out this year, and is also set to appear on the fifth installment of the horror film Scream next year. 

Vida made quite the impression, profoundly resonating with Latinx millennials and their journey of navigating through issues such as their identification between being Latinx and American, ad touching upon issues in machismo and Latinx LGBTQ+ community

With these issues on screen, Melissa Barrera portrayed one of the leading roles as the free-spirited liberal, bohemian sister Lyn Hernandez. 

Before this important role that helped Barrera crossover to the Hollywood screen, she made her television debut in the ninth season of the Mexican reality show La Academia, a show broadcasted in 2002. 

Thanks to her impeccable talent, she quickly crossed over to Spanish-speaking soap operas and worked her way to Hollywood. ¡Puro talento regiomontano!

Apart from her televised singing debut, Melisa Barrera has also had prominent roles on television series such as Siempre tuya Acapulco, Tanto Amor and has appeared in Perseguidos and Club de Cuervos, to name a few of her outstanding achievements. 

As far as film goes, she did her film debut in 2014 on L for Leisure and then went on to do Spanish-speaking films such as
Manual de principiantes para ser presidente, El Hotel, Sacúdete las penas, and Dos Veces Tú, before announcing her English-speaking upcoming works In the Heights and Scream

And on social issues, Barrera is not afraid to speak up and use her platforms to voice her opinions proving she’s not only talented but also a loud and empowering female. She articulated her President choice when President Joe Biden won by posting on Instagram: “Crying tears of joy cause love triumphs over hate. Unity over division. America, you did it!” 

Additionally, during the #JusticeForVanessaGuillen, she advocated and posted on her Instagram: “NOW is the moment to get loud and demand a proper investigation and justice for her family. Her family says the remains have not been identified. Don’t spread click-bait. Keep praying, keep posting her story and the stories of so many more soldiers that have come forward. Vanessa was not the first to be threatened after being assaulted, and she will not be the last if we don’t hold the military accountable.” 

We truly love a thriving and talented Mexican queen that is pushing Latinx visibility talent in gringo Hollywood! Get it, girl!