Mercury Retrograde Finally Ended! Now What?

Mercury BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Plentiful Earth

Many of us have blamed Mercury retrograde for our misfortunes without fully understanding the astrological meaning (and science) behind it.

The first detail we need to know is that Mercury does not physically move backward in its orbit. The optical illusion is created by the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun. It’s all due to the fact that the Earth moves faster than Mercury, as explained in this lesson by Joyce Dejoie and Elizabeth “Libby” Truelove, two middle school teachers from the NASA StarChild team.

Mercury retrograde periods happen about three to four times every year and usually take twenty-two days each. These are considered times of chaos in the context of astrology. According to astrologers, “a planet’s perceived backward motion can lead to increased interruptions in the things the planet rules, and because Mercury rules all forms of communication, information, transportation, and even technology, Mercury’s periods of retrograde are always especially hectic.”

How does this affect us in our daily lives? Astrology tells us that many of our plans could go wrong, especially as they pertain to communication, travel, and technology. The materialization of such a claim could be missing a flight, losing some headphones, or breaking a phone. Maybe even worse, we might go through a difficult breakup or experience trouble effectively communicating with our loved ones.

As a result, astrologers advise not to make important decisions while Mercury is in retrograde. The safest course of action for anyone who believes in astrology is to “re-do, re-think, and review instead of simply doing.” However, the last Mercury retrograde of the year ending on November 3rd made things more complicated. The United States needed to make what some were calling the most crucial decision of our lifetime.

This cross of events divided astrologers into those who believed the last Mercury retrograde ending on Election Day was “very messy,” as astrologer, writer, and creative Kirah Tabourn, a.k.a. @thestrology told The Cut and those who suggested that it was a good sign and talked about the focus on “balance and fairness,” as astrologer Donna Page told Women’s Health.

But, now what? Well, that was the one thing astrologers seemed to agree on: “By the next day, we’re moving forward.” No matter what they thought about November 3rd, there was some consensus about their projection for what the future looked like after Mercury retrograde and Election Day were over. So, today, we’re moving forward together.