Mexican Government Opens Fire to Feminist Protests

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Photo by ROCIO VAZQUEZ/AFP via Getty Images

The Mexican government has made the argument in favor of the feminist collectives protesting in the streets the murder of a 12-year-old girl by opening fire on the demonstrators.

The feminist collectives were demonstrating in the Mexican city of Cancun this week, following the outbreak of female unrest throughout the region months ago, when city police opened fire to disperse them.

According to Reuters, the United Nations and human rights groups have called for an investigation after images taken by a protestor at a tourist site on Monday night were made public.

The video shows a group of protesters trying to knock down plywood at the entrance to an office building before the bursts of semi-automatic gunfire caused them to disperse for cover.

According to Reuters, at least two reporters were injured during the protests.

Although Cancun’s mayor announced on Twitter that the police chief Eduardo Santamaria was fired on Tuesday, the scene is the epitome of what women suffer in the country with one of the highest rates of femicide in the world and who have been protesting for months, often facing violent repression.

“Culiacán, Guanajuato, Estado de México, Chihuahua, Mexico City and now Quintana Roo is added as the sixth demonstration repressed, and with disproportionate use of force. These events cannot happen again in any entity in the face of demonstrations by women who demand justice for other women and for wanting a life free of violence, for wanting to live in peace,” denounced Tania Reneaum, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico.

According to Euronews, more than ten women die every day in Mexico. Half of the femicides committed in the country go unpunished, as well as 89% of the homicides.