‘Mi Colombia,’ a Poem By Alex Szoenyi

Mi Colombia Poem Alexandra BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of pharmacielo.com

Mi Colombia


Mi Colombia

Is Bogota

Enshrined in a San Francisco home

Our origin

On my native soil

It’s anchored faith that migrates with you

It’s finding arequipe

In a Mission Street Mexican market

Knowing Shakira

With raven hair

The loud crisp

Of a fried empanada

And the louder 

African cumbia drums

It’s loving accordions and flutes

And beer mixed with soda

Gleaming green emeralds

And birds of peace

Reading Garcia Marquez

Watching reinas crowned

Shouting into long-distance calls

So the motherland can hear us

It’s ajiaco and tamales for Christmas

After turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving

Yellow, blue, and red

And black and orange

My family trading one cold city for another

But never, ever forgetting home


V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi