Mi Familia Vota Redirects Efforts Toward Covid Vaccination

Mi Familia Vota Vaccination BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of The Nevada Independent.

The national civic engagement organization, Mi Familia Vota, continues to work door-to-door in the Latino community. However, this time, its mission is not about voter registration, but about raising awareness of the importance of the Covid vaccine.

As reported by NBC Latino, the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has mobilized grassroots organizations across the country to educate communities most at risk about the dangers of the Delta variant of the virus.

For years, Mi Familia Vota has sent workers and volunteers into Latino neighborhoods to register voters and persuade them to vote. Now, the organization is using its voter canvassing methods to get more Latinos vaccinated, especially at a time when the Delta variant accounts for 83% of new Covid-19 cases.

With the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on our communities becoming evident, efforts like Mi Familia Vota’s are more urgent than ever.

The organization has deployed volunteers in Texas, Nevada, and California and hopes more money will become available to fund the work.

“While we are working in communities, we are frustrated that there is limited funding for the critical work of vaccinating our community right now,” said Hector Sanchez Barba, MFV’s executive director, and CEO.

As NBC continued, Mi Familia Vota has encountered obstacles beyond funding. Between ignorance, skepticism, fear, and language barriers, Latinos in the U.S. continue to be alienated from the health care system, either because of inherited biases or lack of awareness of the health care system, or both.

On the bright side, however, there has been an increase in Latino families who, having been victims of the virus last year, have not hesitated for a second to get vaccinated, creating a “snowball effect” within the community, where the example of one has broken through the fear of others.

Organizations like Mi Familia Vota hope to close the unvaccinated gap in the Latino community before a new wave is declared and recovery is virtually impossible.

With information from NBC Latino.