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How This Event Planning Company Is Helping Young Men Celebrate Their Quinceañero

Photo Credit Mi Padrino

As of 2019, officially, quinceañeras aren’t just for girls. Thanks to an innovative idea that helps young men celebrate their lives unapologetically and to be good citizens while taking their religious beliefs seriously, the event planning company Mi Padrino is showing the positive impact of throwing a quinceañero. 

According to Mi Padrino, the celebration provides teenagers a rite of passage that they crave. Facing so many changes in their teen years, for boys, an event like a quinceañero is a reminder of where they came from and a chance to celebrate their culture. “It was important for us to celebrate the growth and maturity of our oldest son, Hugo,” says Kim Gamez, CEO of Mi Padrino. “But, man, are there hardly any resources out there for planning boys’ quinces. We had to come up with some fun and creative ways to replace a lot of the traditional elements, which pretty much all cater to girls.”

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Photo Credit Mi Padrino

This popular Hispanic family tradition consists of celebrating the 15th birthdays of their girls and their transitions to becoming women. For the event, parents spare no expenses in getting their daughters a lavish dress, a unique doll, jewelry, and much more; therefore, Gamez found a new and unique way to replace those elements to cater to the boys. Keeping the same cultural purpose as a modern quinceañera, boys will enjoy their party wearing a new tuxedo, will receive everything from watches to sports gear, and will be surprised with elements like “La Hora Loca,” which helps create a party atmosphere that the boys can really enjoy. 

The Hispanic event planning platform also launched the first-of-its-kind mobile app for planning quinceañeras and quinceañeros as a way to facilitate the transition of girls and boys in their journey into adulthood. From creating event pages where they can update locations and share the celebration timeline, to the possibility of sending out invitations and manage RSVPs, quince planners can handle all of their party planning elements in one place.

“This is such an important milestone for Mi Padrino,” said Gamez, “I remember planning my son’s quinceañero three years ago and how difficult it was to find any guides for the process and traditions. Now Mi Padrino is here to help other families feel less stressed while planning their dream celebrations from start to finish. And, with the new app, it’ll be even more accessible for families throughout the country, and soon the world!”

In addition, app users can also budget and keep track of their expenses and build a wishlist of things they’ll need for their party. The Mi Padrino app includes checklists to help event planners pace themselves through the process, and is available in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for free.

Mi Padrino began in 2017 and has proudly assisted over 500,000 families in planning their celebrations. Now Gamez wants to continue Mi Padrino’s mission and expand the app and services to Mexico where the quinceañera tradition first started.

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