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Making Holidays Different, Kids Gift Ideas For the Mind and Planet

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This holiday season, consider buying gifts for your little ones that will positively impact your child’s mind and the planet. 

Avoid adding more meaningless video games or plastic junk in their environment. Aim for giving them outdoor adventures, interactive family activities, books to read, writing materials, and the tools for scientific experiments at home. 

Ultimately, gift-giving is not only about showing your love but about getting their minds soaring with possibility. 

Passport to the U.S. national parks

Given we have had to stay indoors for so long, a family adventure to a national park is a perfect gift this Christmas season. We all need an excuse to play outside, and though the pandemic has changed our travel habits, if you have a little explorer at home, this will be the coolest gift ever for them to look forward to. 

Did you know that kids under 15 get into U.S. national parks for free? Since there will be travel costs, why not gift them with this accompanying passport from America’s National Parks.org that will motivate kids to visit more parks and then document their adventures in this little diary-like booklet. The ticket includes a map, information about the parks, and a place for each stamp and sticker they’ll receive from each park they explore. 

Big Bag of Science, a scientific kit

We not only need to boost our children’s STEM skills; we need more female and Latino scientists in this world.  

Big Bag of Science is a science kit for children that will blow their minds but won’t blow up your house, we promise.  Introduce your toddler to the fantastic world of physics, chemistry, biology, and math in a fun and entertaining way. 

With these test tubes and Petri dishes, your child could be the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie at their school’s science fair.

Earthy game: Planet

Want to encourage your child to be environmentally conscious? The Planet game allows your child to build a thriving three-dimensional ecosystem filled with forests, oceans, rivers, mountains, plains, etc. and accompanied by all of nature’s animals represented in the accompanying deck of cards. 

It won’t only get your child thinking about the planet, the animals, and their habitats. It’s also the perfect way to spark conversation between family members. And it’s a great way to get your child away from all that screen time.

Inspiring book:  Nuestra América 30 Inspiring Latinas/Latinos Who Have Shaped the United States

By Sabrina Vourvoulias and illustrated by Gloria Félix, this book celebrates 30 influential Latinas/Latinos/Latinxs in U.S. history. 

This fully-illustrated anthology from the Smithsonian Latino Center will help you begin a dialogue at home regarding the incredible contributions to the United States that Latinos have made. 

This book’s stories cover each figure’s cultural background, childhood, and the challenges and opportunities they met in pursuit of their goals. Nuestra América profiles iconic figures such as Sylvia Acevedo, Luis Álvarez, Pura Belpré, Martha E. Bernal, Julia de Burgos, César Chávez, Sandra Cisneros, Roberto Clemente, Celia Cruz, Olga E. Custodio, Óscar de la Renta, Jaime Escalante, Macario García, Emma González, Laurie Hernández, Juan Felipe Herrera, Dolores Huerta, Jennifer Lopez, Xiuhtezcatl Martínez, Sylvia Méndez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, C. David Molina, Rita Moreno, Ellen Ochoa, Jorge Ramos, Sylvia Rivera, María Elena Salinas, Sonia Sotomayor, Dara Torres, and Robert Unanue. 

Inspire your child to do great things by telling them stories about those who did and were Latino to boot.