Monogem Releases New Single ‘Dame la Fuerza’

Monogem BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Mexican-American R&B artist Monogem is already a favorite of the critics.

Without even releasing her first album, the Los Angeles-based artist conquered audiences, magazines, and radio stations with her 2019 debut Spanish-language single ‘Soy lo que soy’ and is now one of the most closely followed Latin artists of the moment.

During the Covid-19 pandemic hiatus, she flirted with fans with her rendition of the timeless bolero ‘Bésame Mucho’ and began work on her highly anticipated debut album, Gardenia, which will see the light of day in the summer of 2021.

However, her road has not been so easy.

Monogem always keeps in mind the words of her grandmother Hortensia, who told her, “never forget your roots. Never stop speaking, learning, and keeping the culture alive,” advice that involved years of struggling with her identity.

The product of her introspective process is ‘Dame la Fuerza,’ her new single and second release of the year, described by the artist herself as “an anthem” for anyone who has ever felt out of place when it comes to ethnicity.

“Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles in a half-Mexican family, I never knew exactly how to identify with my cultural identity. I wanted to honor my roots and continue to learn and speak Spanish but never felt confident enough to get real about these conflicts that so many people experience when bicultural,” Monogem confesses.

“I’m not pretending to be anyone but myself, and this song embodies exactly that – with a side of playfulness. Dame La Fuerza is about owning who you are and not taking yourself too seriously in the process. For me, it’s an honor to write music in Spanish…a language that was such an integral part of my upbringing”.

‘Dame la Fuerza’ is available on all platforms and is accompanied by a video where Monogem debates with her alter ego.

“The video depicts a transformation of myself, the person in the red dress is indecisive and uncertain of herself,” the artist explains, “As the song progresses, I am able to step into my second self, covered in all things shiny…someone who is comfortable confronting the uncomfortable. Someone who isn’t afraid to own all of what she embodies; and confident in all that she is.”