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Muchacha, A Latina-owned Business That Showcases Women’s Empowerment Through Coffee

Muchacha, A Latina-owned Business That Showcases Women Empowerment Through Coffee belatina latine
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“Women only belong to the kitchen.” This was the response that Diana Hoyos got after asking a farmer about women’s collaboration in the coffee industry during a visit to a coffee field in Colombia.

This simple yet strong phrase lived rent-free in Diana’s mind for a long time until the creation of her brand, Muchacha.

“Muchacha buys coffee from companies exclusively owned by women,” said the Colombian native. 

Muchacha creates a space inside a male-dominated industry

After working for different Colombian companies, mostly led by men, experiencing harassment in the workplace, and feeling that her talent was being underestimated, Diana decided to use her natural leadership skills to create a community that could let her support and empower women. The coffee industry became the perfect field to fulfill this dream.

“There’s very little data on the roles that women play inside the coffee industry,” said Diana. “This brand [Muchacha] is related to the way I see things and to the way I feel about women without losing our femininity.”

Follow their journey

Inés, Victoria, Valentina, and Alma are some of the women’s names that decorate Muchacha’s specialty coffee bags. Each one of these bags carries a journey with them: All of these coffee adventures are led by ladies in the industry. 

“After the fermentation process on the coffee farm, the threshing, and all of those steps, the green coffee beans are sent to a women-owned coffee roaster company in the United States,” said Diana. “The coffee gets roasted in that place and then put out on the market.”

Each edition of Muchacha’s specialty coffee is produced in different locations, goes through different processes, and its creation is run by a variety of coffee companies. 

If that’s not enough lady empowerment, the pink and clean design for Muchacha’s coffee bags comes with a QR code that — once it gets to your hands — you can scan with your phone to discover the ladies behind the coffee you’re about to drink at your house or even your workplace. You can even follow and get in touch with these talented women in the coffee industry! 

“The amazing part about this is how the brand has been able to connect so many people,” said Diana. “More than just being a story about personal growth, [Muchacha] is a story about how women in different parts of the world can connect to create business opportunities that work for everyone and not just one individual. I feel more than proud and grateful.”

The now 15 women on board work on Muchacha’s mission “to support female leadership by organizing and promoting women-owned companies, through the entire coffee supply chain; from cultivation, exporting, importing, roasting to brand.”

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, Muchacha is definitely a Latina-owned specialty coffee brand that you need to try — you’ll also support women in coffee.

If you’re loving Muchacha’s product way too much, you can also get cute merchandise and even a coffee subscription that will get you one — or two — cafecito bags right to your door every month. 

Muchacha’s specialty coffee is available in the United States and in Colombia.

Happy — women empowered — cafecito drinking! 

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