Musaraña Comes Back with Two Summer Songs

Musaraña Valle Ropa Sucia BELatina Latinx
Photo by Quique Cabanillas | Makeup by Karlo Karlo | Art by AnomaloEstudio

After a year and a half of sadness, anguish, and radical changes in what we used to call “normality,” nothing better than mystical vibes to decree a new beginning — and for that, Musaraña brings us just what we needed.

The surreal-futuristic band has released their two new songs, Valle and Ropa Sucia, to welcome the summer and release the tensions and bad energies of the last year and a half.

Ropa Sucia is a witchcraft song to get rid of negative energies, memories, and relationships that no longer serve us. Valle, on the other hand, is about cultivating love and passion, taking us to a higher level of intimacy and connecting with our primal side.

The duo, formed by sonera Maria Laboy and producer Andres Rigau, release their new tunes this June 24 and portray with them the arc of a relationship, from its peak to its valley and its consequences.

Separately or combined, Valle and Ropa Sucia are meant to set us free with a good stripping.

As the group explained in a press release, Valle maintains Laboy’s mission to create a genre that brings to life a futuristic soneo/rumba sound from a female perspective to a genderless audience.

“Latinx songs with this kind of explicit sexual content are almost never told from a more poetic feminine perspective. I have the experience of these songs always being told from a male vantage point and voice, even if a female is singing them. In Valle, I’m telling the story with another kind of language, feel, approach, and poetry that is rarely represented in the industry,” Laboy shared.

For its part, Ropa Sucia talks about creating an incantation and getting rid of intrusive thoughts that create what in Puerto Rican slang is known as “musaraña,” or random thoughts.

“I’m excited for the launch of these tracks as I think they provide an opportunity for people to explore and open up their conceptions of intimacy, freedom, and self-love. Also, I’m dying for people to dance these rants to loudspeakers and cast away all the bad vibes, memories that 2020 and even early 2021 still left in all of us and create a renewed state of mind for the future,” Laboy added.

Their album will be released on July 28, 2021.

Listen to the songs below!